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Can genital warts be misdiagnosed? What can they be mistakin for?


I think you should have shared your whole story, so that we could make any conclusions based on the story because we don’t know if you had any tests done, who diagnosed you with genital warts, if you were offered some kind of treatment, what your symptoms are like, etc

In order to diagnose genital warts, you should be properly checked by an experienced gynecologist/urologist-depending on what gender we are talking about.

The problem with misdiagnosis may occur because most of the time, they are diagnosed by visual examination. Pap smears usually reveal if there are any abnormal growths on cervix caused by some of the HPV strains.

If it is impossible to make positive diagnosis about HPV, a biopsy can be done to determine the presence of HPV as well as its strain-since there are around 100 HPV strains, some causing genital warts, two causing cervical dysplasia (precancerous stage), other causing regular warts on skin, etc

I am not sure but maybe HPV can be mistaken with Mulluscum Contagiosum.

In men, pearly penile papules can be misdiagnosed as HPV although pearly penile growths are considered normal anatomical variant.