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I have ben smoking weed for only 2 years(i am 17) but i smoke about 4-5 times a day i have not ben able to get any for 2 day and i think i already feel withdra when i go to sleep at night now i start to see vary skary things like goste and aleans i no it sound dum but it looks so real and i have not ben able to sleep that well

please tell me what is going on thanks

ps sorry for the bad spelling not to good at it never have ben


dude i'm 17 too and i smoke it too, not as much as you but if your smoking it that much a day, it can't be good, skunk(pretty much superweed) is coming much more avaliable and can just be sold to you as weed, you won't think any differn't and the dealer probs won't either tbh but it can mess with your brain, try less strong stuff aybe or if you can get some cut down how much you have a day and gradualy decrease the amount to maybe just smoking socially so you can look forward to it which will focus your mind on it being a buzz when you get some rather than it being a chore when you don't...
hope it helps bro.