Hello Everyone


4 days ago I was playing squash and I smacked my head during a rally. I was dazed for a moment but felt ok enough to carry on with the game. I didn't feel any real negative effects from the blow to the head so when I got home, as per usual I lit up a joint or 2 and eventually fell asleep (I have been regularly smoking weed for a couple of years, regularly as in every other day). The next morning I woke up and I really didn't feel myself. The symptoms I am suffering have continued for 3 days after the started and I am now getting very worried. I have visited the doctor but as per normal, I was told to 'drink plenty of water, rest and come back in a week'.

At the moment, my symptoms are:

Feeling withdrawn/not myself

Finding it difficult to concentrate

Occasionally mixing up my words

A constant pressure in my head which just hasn't gone away

This has all lead me to be very very concerned about my health, so much so that it is all I can think about. I know the fact that I am constantly dwelling on it isn't helping, but I'm so worried about it that I find that all I can bring myself to do is to lie in bed a feel depressed. As soon as I felt these symptoms I stopped smoking weed, so I am also wondering if that is increasing my anxiety as it is much easier to relax when you have a puff.

I appear to have similar symptoms to some other weed smokers on this site, as well as symptoms that i have found online for anxiety and concussion.

I guess I wanted to get all of this off my chest and if anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated! Starting to get sick of feeling like this!