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I have some weight lifting tips.

Top Workout Tips for Maximum Gain

Everybody wants a workout routine that gives maximum benefit with least effort. So here are the six best weight lifting tips which can help you in accomplishing your goal. If you follow these tips, you can get maximum muscle mass in least amount of time.

Please note: Every individual’s body is unique from other, so it responds to exercises differently. Therefore, always consult your doctor before starting on any workout routine.

1. Use multi-joint exercises

Try to incorporate those exercises that work on more than one muscle group at a particular time. Doing such exercises can help in burning calories quickly as well as they’ll facilitate growth. Examples of such exercises are leg squat, pull down, leg press, chest press and shoulder press.

2. Focus on form before weight

The most important rule is: Focus on the working muscle. If you don’t follow this rule you won’t get the gain that you are looking for. During your workout try not to work those muscles, you are not targeting. Your goal is not to impress someone in the gym rather it is to fatigue a particular muscle to maximum.

3. Repetitions should be slow and controlled

Eliminating the momentum is the key. While doing any exercise, try to focus and concentrate on that particular part of your body you are working on. The tempo of your repetition should be two seconds positive motion, and four seconds back. Try to understand the difference between weight throwing and weight lifting.

4. Proper rest between workouts is critical

Make sure that the intensity of your workout should be high enough to stimulate the muscle growth. It’s vital to take rest between workouts; generally it is 2-10 days depending upon the intensity of the workout. You should not feel sore and tired before your workout.

5. Don’t do too many sets

Don’t over train your muscles by increasing the number of sets because instead of bulking muscle, your body will start working in a counter productive manner leading to muscle failure. However, light warm sets are necessary.

6. Track your progress

Always keep a record of your body measurement because without them you won’t be able to know where you are and how much more you have to work to achieve your goal. The information you’ll gather will be really helpful in deciding whether your current work out is working for you or not.

Try to incorporate these tips in your workout routine to get the maximum muscle development.


Thank you for the tips. I find them very useful. You are truly an expert.


Thank you very much. I give health tips at my blog, IN THE SIGNATURE. You may also read there.