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It's been a rough two months. It started with possibly anxiety and then panic attacks. Fast heart rate, tingling feeling in hands, tight chest and as time goes by. Others symptoms. I was diagnose with hyperthyroid. I been on medication for a month already but still been feeling weird. I have good and bad days. Like yesterday, I was fine for the most part. Felt normal, then the feeling of being nauseous and thought of something is wrong with me came on. Lasted for about 40mins till I got home. This morning same thing, just a wired feeling. Discomfort in the chest area. Nauseous and the feeling something is wrong with me. I had an MRI of the heart, catscan of the brain and everything seemed fine. I do have to get an ultrasound for my thyroids and catscan of the brain again to rule out MS. Other symptoms throughout the day (it varies) shooting pain in my right hand. Headache, dry mouth, chest discomfort, tired, anxious. Please, can someone help? I want to be my normal self again.


I do know it takes awhile for medications to start regulating the thyroid again and you may possibly get hypothyroidism from all of the medication but it's too early to tell yet minimum of 6 months.  Thyroid problems and depression go hand-in-hand so do hang in there it is a tough road, make sure you are taking and getting enough Vitamin D as this helps fight depression naturally.  I too have a fast, rapid heartrate but mine is due to Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) but thought at first was hyperthyroidism too wish it was as it is curable and not POTS.  Anyways, good luck with your health and to your end of hyperthyroid.