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Hi - can anyone help ? Exercise after smoking.

Regardless of social smoking for many years, I have also been a runner throughout. Part of the reason to quit was is was one or the other. While smoking I would easily cover 15-20 miles / week and regard myself in good condition. When I run now my heart rate surges to 140-150 after barely a minute and I am almost at the 80% of maximum immediately. All the health forums describe exercise as something that becomes significantly easier when you do not smoke. For me it is almost the exact opposite.

I have smoked intermittantly from the age of 18 and now at the age of 42, went cold turkey 58 days ago.

I smoked socially throughout and averaged probably 2-3 cigarettes / day over that period. Effectively I would be a binge smoker when I went out drinking with friends and then would purge myself for the next four - five days until the next time. Over a night out I could easily smoke 10-15 cigarettes, sometimes more.

I am struggling with many of the symptons described on this forum, anxiety being by far the wors. Indeed they have actually worsen the longer I quit.


This forum has been truly helful at describing the negative withdrawal symptons incurred going cold turkey.








after a few years in the armed forces my friend stated that those who smoked could do a patrol hike and when it came time to rest the smokers looked the lesser of the worn out of the group.. so go figure..

i think it has something to do with a chemical in cigs that make it easier for the lungs to breathe easier.. causeing less tiredness.

keep up the good work !!!!