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Am I too young to have a child. I know may people think that 17 is too young and that I should enjoy my senior year, but I've grown up with kids and they are my favorite thing. I can't get pregnancy out of my head and it's been for a couple months now. I told my boyfriend and he wants a child too. I know I should wait a year or two, but I'm ready now. What are your thoughts. Please be mature.


Having a kid is a life changing event and is something you should try to do with careful planning if possible (at least, having a stable partner and discussing it). At 17, you are quite young, but it's not illegal.

There are pros and cons, your body will recover fast and you will have a lot of energy to look after baby, however, most teenage mums will tell you that it is not easy at that age, and you'll be looking after you kid for at least 20 years.

If you were my daughter, i'd say "hey, what about planning a round the world trip together with your BF to see if you will still love each other in 2 years."

A trip like that does not have to be costly - you can go to Europe, or go to New Zealand or anywhere you have always thought looked or sounded great - and you can volunteer to stay with a host family.

It's a cheap way to travel - all you need is your airfare. I'm sure you could work for that or ask your parents for a loan.

And if after a year or two of travel you are still in love and heart set on having a family, then go fot it.

So my overall advice would be - don't rush into it, however, it's your life, so try to make the right choice knowing it will affect you for a long time.

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