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Hello everyone,

Can you tell me what is the main point of fruitariansims’ the path to paradise book? Is this one worth of reading it? My friend told me that this is unique book that has every single tip that you need to know about some diet program. Now, I don’t know exactly what is the main point of it, because I am not sure do we, that we want to follow this diet program, do we need to eat fresh fruit or on some different way?

Do you follow this diet? Have you tried it? Tell me what do you know?

Bye bye! 




You should read the book. It is unique and it has a lot of topic that are very useful. It is not silly, they say, but I don’t agree with this constitution. Just think about it, your organism needs to have meat, vegetables. I don’t agree that you need to eat only fruit that is not possible. This book is ok, it has all in it – concepts, reason, balance, humor. You are going to love it. Well, once you read it you will decide will fruit be on your plate for a long time.

I believe that this is silly, but that is your choice.




Hey there,

Please, don’t tell me that you are considering this diet program just because Ashton Kutcher and Stevie Jobs were on this diet program? :) I am asking this because I have one friend who just love Kutcher and she was following this program because he did as well :)

Now, what can I say about fruitarianism diet and The path to paradise book?

Well, I don’t like the idea to eat just fruits each day. I think that I would like it if I am on the vacation, at the sea for seven days :) That is ok. But I don’t see myself following this diet program every day or even whole life.

I have to be honest, I have this book and I love it. You can learn from it a lot about this diet program. Anyway, this book didn’t consider me that I need to follow this diet. The main point of it is to eat fruits for every meal and you will be healthy.




Good day,

This is very lovely book. It is so cool and I must say, so fresh :) This is actually the loveliest book about fruits, diets, health, etc. You are going to be thrilled with the illustrations and some personal anecdotes from author of this book. I think that there is no e – book format, so if you want to read it, you will need to try to find it somewhere in the book store or at the internet.

If you appreciate fruit, you are going to love this book as well.

I would like to recommend you to read it, but now, if you want to follow or try to follow this diet program, this is ok. It is not for everyone, but you can get used on it.