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Hello all.

I'm wondering can someone give me clarification about ankle pain?

There is small pine wood close to my home and I go there to run almost every day. It's great and I gladly recommend it to everyone. But here's what's bugging me. A few days ago, all of a sudden, I started to experience ankle pain after running. It is very annoying and it lasts for several hours sometimes. What's your opinion, what could be the cause of this pain? And how can I treat it? I tried massage and gel for soothing sore muscles, but that didn't help.

Also, any tips or advice for running in nature?


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Hello, Clara.

There are several possible reasons for pain in your ankle : inadequate running shoes, wrong running style, running on uneven surface, rolling the ankle...

My recommendation is to consult with physician. Health care professional can provide you with a diagnosis and a proper treatment plan.

Here is one article which contains good tips for management and treatment of pain/injuries :

From personal experience, I can say R.I.C.E. method is very effective. Remember, resting - icing - compresses - elevation for treating sore muscles and running injuries.

Good luck!