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Do most health insurances cover a therapist/psychologist/ counselor? I'm seriously thinking that I should start seeing one, because while animals are good listeners they don't often give helpful feedback. My mind needs someone to talk things through with and I don't have that kind of person in my life. I have friends, but one can be a bit harsh and makes me more upset without meaning to, one has problems of her own, and another lives 13 hrs away... Advice anyone? Please.



it would be best if you first asked your insurance company do they cover counseling and under what conditions. The second part is finding the right therapist for you, and the therapist that will accept his or her bills being paid by insurance. Otherwise you're looking into an expense of $50-100 per session, so I think with these prices it definitely pays out to do your research before committing definitely to one therapist. Hope your insurance does cover the expenses, the therapy is definitely worthwhile,

Wish you all the best,