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I’m 21 years old and live in Toronto. I have a good body and I’m happy with. I used to do regular exercise to maintain the shape and weight, but my arms are fat and that make me look fatter. I’m worried about that and I’m unhappy with it. I thought I would be able to reduce it after regular workouts and all but there is not much effect on it. So I’m planning to go for liposuction surgery from Dr. Ronald Levine’s clinic in my locality. Can anyone explain me the procedure in details? No one in my family ever had done this procedure, so I’m just curious to know more about it. Thanks!!


Based on the person's potential needs, there are many traditional and alternative forms of weight loss fort lauderdale available that works on some particular areas of body that needs extra help.

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Arm fat is one of the common health problems after 30+ years of age. But nowadays youngsters also getting arm fat due to our present day lifestyle. Even though arm fat makes you worry a lot, it is not a tough concern to reduce.

You can’t lose arm fat only by practicing exercises. In order to reduce your arm fat, you have to follow Proper Diet, Exercises to reduce your triceps and biceps, Healthy Life Style and some physical Activities.


Let’s land up with the solution for this fat accumulation problem on your arms. There are some simple ways to lose arm fat that you can follow at home. Here I divide those into the following 4 broad categories.

A. Proper Diet (Jump to proper Diet)

B. Healthy Life Style (Jump to Healthy Life Style)

C. Physical Activities (Jump to Physical Activities)

D. Exercises to lose arm fat (Jump to Exercises to lose arm fat)