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i am 15 years old and i've been with my boyfriend(he is older than me) for 10 months and we've been sexually active for just as long. i am very paranoid about the "if i'm pregnant" thing. we used to use protection almost all the time but for the past 2 months we stopped. he said he'd be very carefull and he is carefull(he never "came" inside me). i had my period just last week but i've been feeling hungry, dizzy, and am currently experiencing soreness in the breasts. me and my boyfriend had intercorse 4 days my period stopped. we did not use protection for the second time we did it though (onece again he never "came" inside me). can i be pregnant? what are the chances?


Here is the thing with precum. Precum is a discharge that comes from urethra when a man gets exited and just before he would ejaculate. It serves to lubricate the foreskin and clear the urethral passage from urine acid for the sperm, so precum, which is a clear liquid (I am sure you noticed it by now), and sperm has the same passage way.

It is said that there is no sperm in the precum itself. However, if you had sex already and he didn’t urinate after that, there is a possibility that there was some sperm left in the urethra. Precum from the next intercourse could have picked up some of the sperm that was left and carried it to your vagina. So, if he didn’t urinate after the first ejaculation, there is a possibility that you got pregnant.

Now, there is a question of your ovulation, the only period of your cycle when you can actually get pregnant. It lasts only 24 hours and it usually occurs 15 days before the next period. So, if your whole cycle lasts 24-25 days, there is a possibility that you ovulated just 4-5 days after your period stopped and in that case, there would be possible you got pregnant.