Hi everyone... I'm hoping you can help me with a foot issue.

Lately I have been experiencing foot pain, and have been doing a bit of research, but I haven't been able to pinpoint any specific cause or diagnosis.

My foot pain is only on my right side, and is on the outside edge of my foot, about halfway between my little toe and my heel. I ran a reliatively small distance (3 mi) about 2 weeks ago, and it still is nagging me, despite putting ice on it daily. This is about the fourth or fifth time I have had this pain.

I was thinking plantar fasciitis, but everything I read seems to suggest that the pain would be from my foot arch or heel (??).

I'm running with a neutral shoe, relatively new set, the Nike Air Vomero II. Could I just be using the wrong shoe? Are my issues consistent with a pronator or suponator (sp?)?

I checked the wear pattern on the bottom of the shoe and it does not look uneven.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be very appreciative!