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What can you tell me about the proper position on bike? I think that I somehow never manage to maintain a good posture and that’s why my back hurt and my legs are almost numb after the training. I even won’t mention how my behind is feeling after cycling. Is there any way to correct my position and eliminate all these problems?


As for the pain in your “behind”, the responsibility for that bears the saddle. Even though you’re a recreational cyclist, you should consider buying one of more quality saddles because this way you’re only risking damaging your health. There are some silicone saddles that are excellent. I think that you can even find models with affordable prices. Another thing is about the position. It’s a very important factor for efficient cycling. You should adjust your bike well and try not to lean forcefully on your hands. If it’s possible bring somebody with you while you’re cycling in order to tell you how your position is. And compare it to the appropriate position and correct it according to that.