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Greeting girls and guys.

I am following Warrior diet program, because my best friend Elena is following this diet program as well. She told me that this diet program can help me lose my pounds very fast, so I have decide to try it as well. I will see how this will work out for me.

I have some things that I really don’t understand, so I was really hoping that you can help me in this one.

Can you help me to understand what are feeding phases of Warrior diet program?

Do you know more about it?

Thank you! 


Hello there,

First of all, good luck with this diet program.

Now, let’s talk about those feeding phases of Warrior diet. They don’t have to be confusing for you, you really don’t have to be afraid about it. Well, the eating cycles are broken into two phases. Those are the feeding phases and the fasting. These phases really work, but if you want to lose your weight, you will need to exercise as well. The Warrior diet aims to keep these systems operating in the way by requiring 18 hours under feeding phases, that is ideally during the day, and up to 6 hour over feeding phase, ideally at night. 



Hey there,

Well, those two phases are something that makes this diet program so good, at first place. This diet program is not like something that we were following before. Some other diet program require counting calories, but this one is not like that. The Warrior diet program is based on the premise that the human body is programmed to control. The one rule regarding feeding is one meal per day, that you should eat at least two hours before bed. Those feeding phases are really easy to follow, maybe they will be confusing for you at the beginning, but they are not – at all!

Have a nice day!