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Well, my cycle is 30-34 days. I had my menstrual cycle June 12. My husband and I had sex June 17, June 22, June 23. I have had some symptoms like tender breasts, backache, cramps, heartburn, and headaches. Then on July 10 I started out with some spotting and cramps and then it went away. later that day I was having really bad cramps and i started with a very heavy cycle, the cramps lasted 3 days and then I stop bleeding and had anything on July 14 and july 15 just had brown blood and it was over. But since that cycle I have been wet down there, I never dryed up. Well on July 18 I had a thick clear discharge, almost like raw egg, but it to early to be ovulating. July 19 when I went to use the bathroom, and when I wipe I had some mucus with little blood in it. by the way every test I take is negative.. And all my symptoms are gone besides tender breasts and cramps..

So if anyone can help.....

Andrea 8-|


same here!!!

ive been having sore nipples since ovulation which never happens to me and lower back pains. yesterday morning i had horrible cramps that i though af had arrived I had what i thought to be spotting yesterday. It ws on the toilet paper when i wiped twice back to back and it was brown with a hint of pink. i started getting small little cramps around my right hip. So i put a tampon in a few hours later there was nothing there. Me and dh had sex and rght at the end there was a lot of blood. I assumed my period came but i was 17dpo so it was late agan. I woke up this morning and the tampon was overflowed onto my panites and on top of it was this gooey stuff as well as blood clots. After a hour or two later same thing. Then just now i changed it and there was barely boobs are still sore! could this be my period or could there be a chance im pregnant or was and had a miscrriage any awnsers would help thank you