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I was taking 200g of protein combining both whey and casine. I forgot the recommended amount until I notice the change in my urine. It has more bubble and stronger smell. It did not change even I reduced the amount to 40g per day (including regular meal).

I admit that I recklessly pump myself for quite a period of time. I'm going to see doctor soon but I would need to stop taking creatine for sometime and I just want some answer for this in the mean time.

Note: I don't drink or smoke. My eating habit is not that healthy but I try to avoid high-sodium foods.


Hi there,

Noticing protein in urine can indicate that your kidneys are not functioning properly or your body is burning more proteins than fat cells. This can be wrong in several way which means that you might be exercising really too much. You said you don’t eat too healthy. How much fast food do you eat or other greasy foods? I would suggest that you stop taking protein supplements for some period or really lower the dose of your daily intake. How old are you? Sometimes the age can be very important when it comes to body building and protein supplements. You should read about all the side effects that theses supplements can cause. I hope this helped a bit.