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The feeling you get from the burning sensation of the sores are mutal. It's probably from spicy or salty foods. My advice is to stay away from those things They can agitate the bumps and make them stay longer y suggestion is some hydrogen peroxide a little bit of salt and warm water that should do it


Hello Tonuge sores,

White tongue sores are often an inflammation of the projection on the surface of the tongue.  These inflammed projections often accumulate debris (food), bacteria and dead cells which makes them look white. There are a number of causes for these white sores such as dry mouth (my grandmother had), dehydration, fever, smoking, any medications you might be taking and alcohol to mention a few.  The only thing I can think of is to keep the tongue as clean as possible.  You could get a tongue cleaner.  They are especially good with keeping debris off the tongue including bacteria.