Hello Im a 27 year old male and im still a virgin, When i started pubity, At 16, yes i was a late starter. A noticed i had one or two little white spots on the under side of my penis, And over the years they have spread all over my penis to the point where they cover 3/4 of my penis, im 27 now and they are still spreading..

I worked up the bottle to go to my doctors, And he told me they where cysts, and i could'nt get rid of them. Which devastated me. Im a white male but for some reason my penis is very brown-(tanned) which causes these spots to stand out more. I have never had a girlfriend because of these and while they are still there i probebly never will. My family think im gay, With not having a girlfriend. i just cant tell them i have these spots. Is it impossible to remove them or pick them out. Thank you..