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  1. Im 14 and male and I have noticed these redish whiteish spots inside my foreskin (If flaccid I just open my uncircumcised forskin and I see a bunch of bumps connected, if erected I pull back skin and they appear on different parts on the foreskin) and its on my vain too. I just found out about these about 7 months ago and Im to scared to ask my parents or anybody else so I just use the internet.
  2. Also if you can answer these It would be gladly appreciated I do have different bumps on the shaft of my penis, but I assume they are either Fordyce Spots or just hair pimples.
  3. Im 14 and my penis is only 1-2 inches flaccid, erect im 3-4.5 inches, is this normal? My friends and people at school say Im 6in or 5in. Am I just a late bloomer? Im worried about all 3 of these questions especially No. 1. 

Thanks and please answer these I desperately need answers thanks.


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Hi guest. The spots you describe in question 1 sound more like fordyce spots, are they sort of red at the base with like a white spot on top that will burst if squeezed? Question 3. Your perfectly normal at 3-4.5 inches and your penis still has plenty of time to grow yet as it can carry on growing up to your 20. Question 2 can you describe what the spots/bumps look like and how big they are that you have on your shaft?