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I  am a 52 year old women that had severely heavy periods that came twice a month and lasted for 8 or 9 days.  I also had some cells that did not come back normal on a pap test, plus an ultra sound showed fibroids.  My Gynecologist told me, if I had an ablation it would totally end my period and I would never have these problems again.  He said it would get rid of the bothersome abnormal cells and the fibroids.  I was told there was no down time and I could be back to work the next day (I'm retired) but was relieved because it was basically pain free!!!!!!!

This sounded like a God sent!  It was everything I wanted... HA!

I was continually taking birth control pills so I would not get a period but was advised by my gynecologist to discontinue them right after my surgery!  Does anyone know what this does?  It causes severe cramping because my period wants to start and a complete hormonal breakdown right after surgery!  Can you see where this nightmare is going. 

I had my surgery this week.  I woke up to severe pain, worse than child birth.  My oxygen levels were not normal because I couldn't breath right!  I was given 2 shots of morphine that didn't even cover the pain.  I did have a D&C along with the water balloon type of ablation.  I was taken to recovery, I vomited, could not stand up and was told "there is your clothes, you can go home now"!  Oh yes, I was given a plastic bag to vomit in on the way home!  I was given no pain medication because none was ordered by the gynecologist!  Remember it's pain free!   Tylenol and Advil...take at the same time.  

I called my Gynecologist and have an apt. for next week.  OH I CAN'T WAIT!

Now I find out this isn't a !00% period stopping and has a success rate of less than 40%.  I don't want a period anymore.  I don't want to have to tolerate it any more, light or heavy, I just want it gone!

I wish I went for a hysterectomy right from the beginning, but I was mislead and lied to!

Anyone out there debating on having an ablation, think twice, you might be the one suffering in pain and not have it work at all.  Is the chance worth it?  I don't think so, in my opinion!  You might as well suffer from a hysterectomy, have hormone replacement and be normal after 6 weeks!  

I feel this is a money maker for only the doctors preforming these operations.  They are the ones who  have the true success, when they collect their money!




Alright for clarification not all ablations go wrong, you are one out of a hundred.  Second, your gyno SUCKS!  Ablations according to my gyno are NEVER permenant solution and periods will always come back and usually worse than before - I had a great gyno/OB that did my tubal, delivered my child and did my hysterectomy last year.

Now, don't go knocking hysterecomies either.  My hysterectomy and I am only 38, was the best thing that I ever did.  Because of my age we left in my ovaries which means NO HRT and I have not had any problems with my ovaries in the last year as some women do.  I had talked to my gyno about an ablation as I didn't want something like a hyster but this is what he suggested and why, when I said I didn't want HRT.  He said you would not have to as we'll keep your ovaries.

To me your gyno was not very knowlegeable.  Just as you have to doctor shop you need to surgeon shop as well.  I am from Canada and we do not pick our doctors here but if you need a second opinion they will send you for one - I was lucky with my referral as my family doctor is VERY knowledgeable about great doctors.  I would do my hysterectomy again and again for the results that I had.

BTW I had extremely heavy bleeding and painful cramps that took me to the ER every month since I first got my periods as a young girl - my quality of life is SO MUCH BETTER NOW!

Do your research before a procedure and then you can see if it is for you.  I am so sorry about your experience...



Do you have endometriosis? So you choosesd surgery. Actually, herbal medicine(f uyanpill) could be a good choice. Though it may work slowly, it can help to eradicate endometriosis and doesn't have any side effects. .. I hope it can help you.


i had ablation done in april of 2012 and havent had one problem and no periods since, best thing i ever did for myself ,makes me wonder if not all women respond to it