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i have started drinking a lot of water of late amounting to about 15-20 glasses a day. i would like to know whether this intake of water will help me shed some weight. i am not over weight but i have a flabby lower tummy after the birth of my baby. i have tried everything to lose it but to have had no luck so far. will drinking so much water help lose the flab.


Drinking water will contribute to shedding some weight, but don't get excited and overload on it. There's a thing called water poisoning when too much water is consumed!!

What water does is clean the body up from the inside, but I only recommend this way of losing weight to people with acne as it is a good alternative to those costly dermatologists.

What I recommend to you is that you find time to drink at least 48oz PER DAY (not all at once either) and go walk with your baby or go to the park with him. Hes going to provide the exercise you need (or want in this case) without having to spend time away from him.