I'm currently 13 years old, and my parents arent that tall. I dont do heavy weights, but only very light weights of only 3 kilos max, and thats only 200 reps max a week. The thing i do most is bodyweight workouts for abs and upper body like pull ups, crunchs, in-and-outs, dips, etc. about 2-3 times a week intensively. I'm kinda worried because my brother was about 4 inches taller than me at my age and im only 5'1. I'm asian, but most of my friends are also taller than me. My brother said that any form of working out stunts your growth because your body is focusing on repairing the torn muscles and making them bigger instead of growing tall, and he got this from a bodybuilding website which is pretty reliable. I'm really worried I wont get tall right now, and wonder if i should stop my current routine:

Wednesday=warmup(100 curnches/situps, 100 rep 3kg dumbell curl 1 set), ab ripper X (325 rep ab workout, 11 different exercises)

Thursday=warmup, 30 dips, 3kg dumbell chest press 15 reps 3 set, pushup routine (elevated pushup 25, knuckle pushup 25, army pushup 20, diamond pushup 5), pull up routine (normal 30 rep, wide grip 10 rep 2 set, chin-up 15 rep 2 set, close combat 10 rep 2 set, close grip 15), 20 rep leg raise 2 set.

Saturday=MMA/kickboxing training (cardio)

seriously need help