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my neice was born with wolfe parkinsens white . she is three now.i need as much information as possible.heart dr. is talking about suergy.


Wolff Parkinsons White is a syndrome that is in millions of humans. It's actually hereditary. Basically, what WPW is, is an extra electrical current that makes your child's heart beat in a different manner, and can later lead to arrhythmia if something were to go wrong (But i was told that was unlikely). To explain how my doctor told me: It's like a car. If you were to rewire a car, it would work differently, and could even work backwards. Note: My heart beats backwards, and the bottom of it beats much earlier than the top. It doesn't hurt, it just feels odd sometimes.

Catheter ablation (the surgery the doctor talked about) is absolutely normal, and I myself have had it, and it corrects the beats of the heart to make them normal. In some cases like mine, they couldn't fix it, because one electrical pathway crossed the other, and if they would have cut it off, I would have needed the pacemaker, which isn't necessary for me. It may change from person to person.

The doctor can better explain the risks and everything of and about the surgery for a child of that age than I can. 95 percent of patients with WPW have had the surgery. I of course, did have the surgery...I'm a patient, by the way, not a doctor. If your baby has chest pains after the surgery the doctor gives her, ask them if it could be costochondritis. It's also known as Tietzie's syndrome. What that is, is inflammation around the breast bone and the ribs on the right side near where surgery had been done. If you don't want the doctors to beat around the bush and make you keep going back because of chest pain after surgery, be sure to ask about Tietzie's (zeet-zies, i think it's pronounced) The doctor told me it was normal, and prescribed medication, but you have to make your child be careful as she can and not bump anything into her chest after recovery, because the costo can come back again, and re-inflame.

If you have questions make sure you're not afraid to ask a doctor. They will tell you as much as they can. I just gave you tips from what my doctor gave me. I hope it helps you understand. Generally, WPW isn't anything to worry about, but please do get things looked over!