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So I'm normally VERY regular, average 28 day cycle, average 4 day period medium flow going to light near the last day. 

Now I'm sure my bleeding in May was a period although it was MUCH lighter for me, 2 weeks late, light brown instead of red but that's not the one I'm talking about. It lasted 4 days but was so light all 4 days probably could be less than 2 days of what my normal flow is like. 

It's my June one.

In June it came 1 week late, started off red but only the initial start with a dime size dot. After that it was light brown. However I started around 4pm and by 9pm I was pretty much done. I even had sex and it didn't cause me to bleed. 2 days later I had the light brown spotting, this for sure I know was spotting because it only occured when I wiped. 


It wasn't continusly flowing the like 5-6 hours it seem to be. I only wore like one tampon and it was a regular and hardly covered it,like only one side and barely. 


--FYI I haven't had my normal pretty much all red period, since end of March. The one due in April never came thus being 2 weeks late and coming in May.--


I just want to know if I should consider the June one just a 1 day period or spotting. If it's spotting that would make me really late right now right?


Just asking because I have a gyno appointment. I know they ask for last menstrual cycle. I'm not sure what to say since my last 2 periods were not normal for me. They already know I'm having irregularities.


Never mind since nobody wants to answer. Another site told me this is probably just spotting and not an actual "period" and that I should probably test for possible pregnancy. 

Thanks for the "Help" SMH