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Wondering if anyone can help me.

The white in my eyes are slightly darker than before, and they have a tinge of yellow especially when i'm tired. I do have a history of the problem since i was a child. My parents have consulted many doctors since i was at the age of 7 yrs and could figure out what was the actual problem. Since it was just a slight tinge of yellow and wasn't obvious my parents decided that it's harmless.

However , throughout my teenage years, friends and relatives have shown concern over the matter as it does sometimes seems to be a bit more yellow than some other days. So i thought that it might because i didn't get enough rest due to my busy schedules and assignments. And it has always been better once i get enough sleep and rest.

I'm now 28 yr old and find that the eye sclera has become more yellow than before and it does not help even if i get more than 12 hours of sleep. I'm now in singapore and have actually consulted a doctor here where they only did a LFT (liver function test) and the result turns out alright. I was then referred to the national eye centre here and they said it's a pigmentation problem (Primary Acquired Melanosis - PAM) which normally occurs for older people. As the professor who examine my eyes did not mention much I do not have a clear understanding of my condition now.

I am hoping that anyone that can help me figure out if there is any other reasons that can cause the yellowing of my eye sclera othe than pigmentation and jaundice since a LFT has been performed.

I'm do fall sick at times or maybe i'm just being paranoid. I have a gastric problem and a history migraine as well.

Hope to get some feedback and help soon..



This sounds very much like Gilberts' Syndrome, a relatively benign condition. It is caused by flucuations of excess bilirubin, usually more noticeable when the individual is tired, sick, dehydrated, or under stress. Generally Gilbert's Syndrome is genetic lifelong condition, and requires no medical treatment. Good health practices: a balanced diet, exercise, adequate rest, etc,will help reduce the yellowing of the sclera.