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You don’t know what you got until it’s gone, right? Once you get used to the convenience of a dishwasher, your life is total chaos without it. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dishwasher working well by avoiding loading it with the wrong stuff.
You have a great working dishwasher and you want to keep it that way. After it is installed and you’ve read your instructions manual, be on the alert for hazards that you should avoid putting into the dishwasher. This will keep your dishwasher – and your stuff – working well and safe.

1. Wood

This includes salad bowls, chopsticks, wooden spoons, and cutting boards. Wood will crack and swell in your dishwasher, making it difficult to use.

2. Cast-Iron Skillets

These items rust and the iron chips in the dishwasher. Leave these to be washed separately in the sink and avoid using harsh chemicals on them. This is one dishwasher mistake you want to avoid.

3. Formal Dishes

Your expensive china will get worn with repeated washings. You also don’t want to take a chance on chipping it, either. The dishwasher is no place for fine china and your best dishware.

4. Copper Pots and Pans

Copper dents in the dishwasher and should be cleaned elsewhere. To keep your copper looking it’s best, hand-wash with a soft cloth.

5. Knives

Harsh detergent can cause scratches and nicks on the blades of knives. This not only damages them, but dulls them as well. By avoiding this mistake, you will keep your dishwasher working well.

6. Crystal Glasses

Crystal is especially vulnerable in the dishwasher. Food particles can etch them and heat can lead to cracking. It’s better to hand-wash these items and dry them off with a soft, lint-free cloth.

7. Insulated Mugs and Containers

Buyer beware! These items have a vacuum seal which will be destroyed if water seeps in. Avoid this action if you want to keep them working well.

8. Brass Items

Brass should never be put in the dishwasher. The hot water will remove the natural protective layer that forms on brass and leave them dull and wore.

9. Delicate Glasses

Thin, delicate glassware should not be put in the dishwasher. The water pressure alone is enough to shatter them. Reserve these for sink washing.

10. Nonstick or Anodized Aluminum

The coating on this bakeware will wear out and break down with dishwasher use. Basically, it will no longer be non-stick. Avoid this mishap and soak these in the sink.

11. Enameled Cookware

This bakeware is especially prone to chipping. Keep these clean by hand-washing, avoiding harsh scrubbing, and always dry with a soft cloth. This will keep your dishwasher working well.