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Hey people :)

I'm just about to be 15 and I'm just barely 5ft3. I have been on diet since Feb. this year. I went down from 185lbs to 167lbs without exercise - just a change in meal times, portions and what I eat allowed me to lose this much. I always had a sweet tooth and recently - after two funerals of close family members within a month - I can't stay away from them as well as I could before. Do you have any advice as to how to stay on track? I really want to lose more weight, because I've been overweight since I was 6 and this really puts me down sometimes.


Hi Guest,

Motivation to lose weight isnt something you learn its something you have because you really want to lose weight. When your not determined to lose weight your not motivated. What you need to do to hopefully motivate yourself is print off some slim figures you wish to look like and put them round you room on the fridge etc so you always see them and use them as a reminder of why your trying to get slim.