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First off, this isn't so much of a physical problem as it is a mental/emotional conflict.
Heres a new one.(tch- yeah...) 17 year old male virgin, and I've only had 3 girlfriends my whole life(I'm not a guy who messes around). And theres only three girls I've ever really loved enough to confess it. The sad thing is, thats two totally different groups of people(just thought I'd throw that bit of info out there).
My problem is thus, confidence. Though i have no reason to, when it comes down to it, i have a lack of confidence in my appeal to women. I fear that this problem might go on until I've reached some figurative "point of no return" where it will be too late or something.

Now, for my question. Should i just pass up the girl i have feelings for and settle for a girl i have no interest in? Does losing one's virginity help gain confidence for later experiences? I believe that my first time, and sex in general should be with somebody you love and care for deeply, but i just don't know if i can keep up my faith in such ideal things. If you could, please give me a bit of advice.


If you want to be with a specific person, why settle at all? Evaluate both girls and decide for yourself why and what you want in a relationship and in a person of the opposite sex. If you can answer the question "Why do I want to be with this person", and do so honestly with yourself, choose what is best for you. However, understand that sometimes what we think we want isn't what we find when we actually get it.


i've just read that masturbation is a serious tool to building confidence within ones self. knowing what you like dont, etc without the pressure.

as for your question. your first time is overrated. and it's gonna be weird and awkward no matter what. so don't dwell so much on it's significance may be... cause seriously. the first time is gonna be .. weird and awkward no matter what.

i always read. walking around naked and feeling confident in your own space is a good starter. haha. i know it all sounds silly. but thinking about it.. i can see pieces of how it could help. and if it sounds silly. it means for sure you need to do it .. b/c.. it's a sign of needing self awareness and discovery.

oh and DANCING. start dancing. if you haven't already. it frees your soul and builds self awareness and confidence inside.. it's not about HOW you dance. it's about IF you dance.

frees the soul.