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Hi y'all, so I'm 13 years old ad I weigh ~140-145 pounds or somewhere around that. I am 5/5. I play sports year round and I am currently playing travel field hockey. But when I look in the mirror I feel really fat( I am not anorexic) I eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week. Do I need to loose a few pounds or am I ok? I don't know why I still have that bit of flubber. Is it baby fat? Thanks;)


Hello, Emoney11.... It sounds like you are pretty healthy to me!  Your body is changing and it will go through more changes as you grow older.  You will be growing taller and your body will become leaner (just so you keep up the same eating habits and activity).  Just be patient with your body.  Hormones don't help anything either (until your testosterone kicks in.... then you can build muscle!).  For now, try to add some muscle defining exercises to your program like using nautical equipment to tone up.  This will help you with your sports activity while strengthening your body.