In 1996 I had a tuble litigation after having my 5th child. In 2010 I had a DNC because I was told I needed one by my OB GYN. At that time my pregnancy test showed that my HCG level was 5. At the beginning of this year my OB doc. Tried to do a biopsy in the office it hurt really bad she said my cervex was closed and she couldn’t open it enough to get the tissue. At the beginning of July this year I had a miscarriage. I have had no cycle since then until today . This time I was hurting really bad in my back and and stomach. When I went to the restroom I saw a sack with what looked like a very tiny head arm and leg connected. I’m so confused . I told my doctor about the pain and the miscarriage but he didn’t think any thing of it. I’m still in pain and my abdominal area is hard. I’m not sure what to expect next. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? What do I do?