Had my second neuroma removed on Valentine’s Day 2018- between my 2 & 3 toes. My first neuroma was removed 3 years ago. I was home and had my foot elevated non stop for the first 7 days (except for bathroom and food) . I cooked in advance of the surgery so I had everything ready. I Went back to work on the 8th day because I can sit all day at work and elevate. First few days is mostly numb especially for me- the doctor gave me multiple shots in order for me to be completely numb before surgery. I’m now about 8 weeks post op. Still wearing a large sneaker- healing normally but slowly. Have intermittent pain on the bottom of foot and sometimes by incision. I take ibuprofen once a day as per my doctor and I rub lotion back and forth on toes to desensitize the area as per his orders. I know it takes time to get back to normal.