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9 days ago i had sex and the condom broke. He didn't cum inside and seemed to notice the condom was broken fairly quick but i worry about precum. I'm 15. I'm on small hormone/birth control pills. He smokes a lot of pot which supposedly reduces sperm cell count. I haven't experienced any symptoms of pregnancy, i don't THINK. I am always tired, so i can't tell if that would be a symptom. I had one day of cramps this past friday (the 5th day after having sex) and i thought it was my period, but it never came. The thing is, i can never keep track of my period. I'm on these pills that are supposed to regulate it, but i still don't know when it's supposed to come. I haven't thrown up. I don't know what else to look out for so soon. Should i take the at-home pregnancy test? 


Hi Dddee,

It's too early to test.  You need to wait at least 14 days from when you had sex.  It takes time for the hormone the test looks for to rise high enough to be detected.

If you're on birth control it is unlikely you are pregnant.

About the boyfriend, the only way to know what his sperm count is is with a semen analysis.  There are many babies born to those that smoke pot and other drugs.

Hope it helps.