I lost my baby at 14 weeks on November 27, 2018. It was totally unexpected. I was doing great, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest, etc. I started cramping on the 26th but didn't go to the doctor till the evening of the 27th. By that time I was pretty much positive I was losing my baby. I went to an urgent care clinic that sent me to a hospital. I stayed overnight and never improved any. About 6 A.M. I started bleeding lightly. At this point the emergency room physician discharged me. I literally left the hospital in just as much pain and panic as I had arrived. My husband and I drove to Wal-Mart, got into an argument in the car and then went into the store. I went straight into  the restroom and then it happened. The cramping stopped and I felt some pressure in my vagina. I was so freaked out and afraid. I literally lost my baby in the bathroom stall at Wal-Mart. We called an ambulance and I went to another hospital where the majority of the staff was oblivious to what was going on with me. When I went to have the ultra sound to check for the placenta being left inside me the doctor told me he was checking to see if my baby was still alive. I was so upset and hurt that he wasnt even told my baby was on the table in the E.R. exam room. I ended up leaving a little less than two hours after my arrival. I never found out about the results of the ultras sound. I have had what i would describe as a on and off period up till about 8 days ago. That would make a little less than a month since the day. For the past 8 days i have had very heavy bleeding but not much pain. Is this normal? I have no insurance and no way to see a doctor due to financial and other circumstances. Please someone help me. I'm very worried and afraid I may not be able to conceive again. Any advice is lovingly received. Thank you .