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I am trying to figure out if im having a miscarriage or not://? I went to the pregnancy care center & they told me I was about 6 Weeks pregnant! They did a ultra sound a few days after that & they told me I was most likely around 4 because they saw the sack & said everything looked good. A day after that I started having a light pink come out of me, then dark brown. A few hours later I started to see drips of blood:( later the day & the very next day it got pretty heavy. Like a period but my periods have always been on the heavy side with clots. So I went to the hospital of course. They gave me a pelvic exam & said I was bleeding a good amount with clots, but saw no tissue which was good? They went ahead & did a ultra sound & a internal ultra sound. The doctor came back to the room & told me my hcg levels were low & they didn't see anything in the ultra sound? They diagnosed me with a miscarriage:( But as I looked into it, there were a lot of people who had similar situations & now have the baby. I also heard the hospital isn't the best place to go. Im just lost & ive been so sad because this is my first baby. Im only 18 years old, so very young, but this is really effecting me. Pleaseeee help!!!! ;(


Hi Guest,

Some bleeding during early pregnancy is normal but the clots are a bit of a concern.  The two ultrasounds not seeing anything are not a good sign.  When you say internal, you do mean transvaginal?  Usually it is fairly clear.

If you went to the ER then I agree.  It wasn't the best place to go as they tend to rush.

The low hCG levels are a concern but without a starting reference and observing an increase/decrease the comment is just an observation.

From the information you present, based on their observations, I believe you are having/had a miscarriage.  

I'm sorry.