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I awoke this morning and when attempting to swallow food or drink - it all made the left hand side of my throat very sore. The gland is swollen below the left ear, otherwise there is no throat inflamation, tooth infection - although I have been feeling flu like symptoms for the past two days. It feels as if one of the ducts that drain away saliva is blocked - Im not sure - if anyone could throw some help on the subject......!


i know this is a really old post, but if anyone stumbles upon this, i'm having the same problem.
the left side of my throat and the back of the base of me tongue on the left side is killng me. also, my gland on the left hand side is very swollen.

i started feeling flu-ish this morning.
what could be the cause?


I've been having the same problem, and the sting is in the exact same spot every time, on my tongue in my throat on the left side, and sometimes the pain goes all the way up through my ear. It also looks like my tonsil may be swollen; this I noticed just yesterday.

I've had this for almost a month, and it's now getting worse by the hour! I can't go to the doctor for a few days because of Christmas, but I don't know if I can make it through the weekend, especially with all these dinners!

I've read strep throat (but it's only in one place, and there's no red/white spots or discoloration).
I've also read that I may have to get my tonsils out, but I'm never sick, which is a usual sign of swollen tonsils.
I believe it may be an infection in the road, that's about the closest I've come...

I guess what I'm looking for is some TEMPORARY relief, rather than the cure! Any ideas?