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I'm doing a debate on abortion in my history class and I was wondering how long a pregnant woman can physically have an abortion and what medical reasons can force a woman to have one?


Hi. Medical abortion (RU486) used in very early pregnancy, the effectiveness declines after approimately 7 weeks. Surgical abortions are routinely performed until 12 weeks. After this time it is usually only performed if there is a serious congentital deformity of the baby or the life or wellbeing of the mother is in danger.
Reasons that a termination of pregnancy might be advised by a doctor include severe chromosomal disorders, severe deformities that will likely prove fatal when the baby is born, complications that could lead to the death of the mother
This is a highly charged topic, which is good for you because it means there is a lot of info on the net for whichever side of the debate you are on
Hope this helps.


Many clincis perform abortions to 12 weeks like the previous poster said, but some clinics rountinely go up to 20 weeks.

89% of all abortions happen in the first trimester.

THERE ARE A VAST number of fetal deformitites that women abort for

Skeletial Dysplasia
Turners syndrome
Downs syndrome many more..