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I'm on day 6 post op. By day 3 I was feeling pretty good, but yesterday the pain got substantially worse when the scabs started coming off. It's still not too horrendous compared to some of the stories on this board, but I would say I am definitely not in any shape to go back to work yet! Percocet is still my friend. Soup and tea (not too hot on both) are my other best friends right now.


I'm scheduled for a tonsillectomy in less than 2 weeks - I'm 40 years old. I never had bad strep or tonsilitus, but rather mine are so large they cause obstructive sleep apnea, which has been severe for over 10 years now, causing lots of problems, including anxiety, etc., due to chronic sleep deprivation. So, I'm looking forward to a new freedom.
I see horror stories on here, and also see many not so bad experiences. I wonder if the difference may be in the type of procedure done - traditional surgery vs laser surgery. I have a friend who underwent this via laser surgery in his early 40's and he was back to "normal" in about a week. Mine will be by traditional means.
Also will water be the only thing I can stand for the first day or two? I have some high calorie protein shakes waiting. I spent the last 8 - 9 months getting in shape, getting really lean, now since I found out this is coming, I'm cramming down burgers fries and pizza trying to fatten up a bit since I don't have much fat to lose. I guess that's not such a bad problem to have though.

Will all the meds be liquid? And what if you have regular pill form daily meds you have to take. Is it imposibble to take small pills?


I am on day 8 post-op. I had been posting on another board (not Steady Health) about my experiences but apparently that other board doesn't appreciate people sharing their post-operative experiences.

Anyhoo. The scabs started coming off a few days ago. It hurts, but not too horrendous most of the time. I'm down 6 pounds from a week ago, which I'm not complaining about. I will be glad when I reach that day 10 stage where all of a sudden I feel better.


Okay, I am supposed to be getting my tonsils out in approx. one week and now I am FREAKING OUT reading all of your posts. Will I not be able to taste things after the surgery? Is the pain really that bad thatI won't be able to eat for a week!!?? I am a smoker, so as instructed by the Doctor I plan on quitting one week before surgery. Even if I do that, am I still going to have a really hard time with it? I'm 24 and super nervous about this now!


Val - it's not pleasant, but not necessarily as bad as some of the horror stories. I haven't experienced any taste loss. I have had problems eating and I'm down 6 pounds, but I'm really not complaining about that. Starting around day 4 (give or take a day or so) when the scabs start coming off is when it hurts the most, but one can get through it. I'm on day 8 and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And I'll take the 6 pound loss. :-D


I had my surgery on 10/8/07. Still having severe pain in ears, jaw and teeth. ENT released me 10/29/07. Went to my regular MD today and had test ran. Can not find anything wrong. Getting frustrated by pain and no medical reason for pain. Bottom line PAIN IS PAIN and I am in it still!!!! This has been the surgery from HELL. If I would have known I would not done it but I am really hopefull that I will change my mind in future.


Hello Everyone,

Just had my tonsils yanked out on Nov. 1st. First day or so really wasn't bad at all. Had a little bit of vomiting and that is all. But now the pain is getting much worse. I just need to chat with people who understand. I have been taking the meds they gave me but it seems like the pain med is not working very well. It makes me really sleepy, but doesn't take the pain away from my throat. And it is making me itchy everywhere.


Sounds like you are hitting that lovely stage where the scabs start to come off, and it really hurts at that stage. Unfortunately it will hurt for several more days. I'm on day 9 post op and it still hurts. Day 7 was the worst day for me, thus far. It does get better tho.

If the meds are making you itchy, you should call your doctor. Even tho it's Saturday, his/her practice should have someone on call or be able to track him/her down. You don't want to be having an allergic reaction on top of everything else. While you are talking with your doc about the itchiness, you can also talk with him/her about needing some better pain control.


Day 9: The scabs are getting smaller by the day. Still hurts, eating is still difficult. However yesterday I got by on ibuprophen during the day, just took Percocet at night.

I am down 6.2 pounds from last Friday 10/26. The surgery was 10/25 (didn't weigh that morning).

I think day 7 was the worst, pain wise, thus far. There were a couple times that day when I just wanted to curl up in a ball. But yesterday (day eight - numeral eight gives you a 8) I was able to get out of the house for a short period of time.

Tea is my best friend. Warm liquids in general have been helping since about day 4.


I have never in my life suffered so badly. I am 34 and on day 6 of recovery, each day gets worse and worse. I also suffer with Crohn's disease which is extremely painful, but I can assure you I would rather that than this pain i'm going through.

The day after the op I was almost fine, went shopping, cooked dinner, even had a beer everything seemed to go ok. Then the next day I started to get a fever and was soaking wet all day. Then the pain started and each day got more and more until now, I can't move my head or it seems to pull on my ears which then in turn gives me a headache. I can't swallow, I have tried ice cream but the only way I can eat it is to place it on my tongue and let it dribble down my throat and that kills!
Several times a day I choke and bring up loads of blood. I can honestly say as a grown man I cry throughout the day at the moment.

I take Diclofenac every six hours and then shortly after I will top up with soluble Paracetamol and then top up with Dihydrocodeine and then start all over again with Diclofenac. Nothing helps the pain, just helps you get a couple of hours sleep until you are woken choking and in complete panic cos you can't breathe.

I hate to bring out the negative for anyone due the op, but I wish someone told me about this beforehand. I was told it would be like having tonsillitis. All i can say is I WISH!

Would I do it again, would I hell.

Good luck to everyone!


My experience: 23 year old male

Had tonsillectomy Thursday afternoon 11/1/07. I have a good immune system and healed very quickly after wisdom teeth removed, with no complication. I am on day 5 now.

I am a smoker, and avoided cigarettes until day 4, when I couldn't take it any more. Began with the Lortab all the time, but now only use it at night. The white scabs are pretty disgusting, and i don't notice a decrease in overall pain. Very irregular bowels, obviously, and can't stand to look at any more soup. I'm hoping the scabs will fall off ASAP so I can get back to normal, because this is definitely one of the most irritating things. My voice is all messed up and I also notice a lack of taste. Will update once scabs fall off, etc.


Hi All,
Thanks for all the posts, at least it gives me the worst thing to expect and tips on eating, drinking etc.

I am 39 y old male. I had my surgery in Bogor Indonesia.

I actually did not have much problem with my tonsil except that I notice that I had abscess (white spot about 5 mm in diameter) on my tonsil that would not disappear. After consulting two ENTs both suggesting surgery I finally decided to give it a go. I felt that my body was a little weak and I got sore throat and flu easily albeit not so severe ones for the last 2 years

Anyway I had my tonsillectomy on Monday evening at 21.00. I never had any surgery before and was surprised how fast it was to be knocked out. I was hoping to get the feeling of sleepiness or so, but then after IV injection I was out in probably 10 seconds.

I woke up at 00.30 the next day and was howling in pain from the cut. I was half awake and half sleeping during the night. Anyway a lot of phlegm came out with blood. At about 5 am the nurse gave me a suppossitory analgesic to reduce my pain that he shoved through my anus. Also at around 6 am I had my oral med, antibiotics, analgesic and cough supressant. The ENT doctor visited me at around 7 am and told me everything looked good and I could leave the hospital that day. But I was too weak and felt a bit nausea that I was just slept the whole morning.

By the afternoon the blood already has receded and I left the hospital at around 2 pm. The pain in my case is bearable. My analgesic is novalgin that I took 3 x 30 ml every day.

And today it was finished and I continued with anadex 4 x 10 ml. I am also equipped with that suppository things in my fridge just in case the pain is unbearable. My throat is swollen and scab already formed. I had not so good sleep as I kept on coughing the phlegm out and I was afraid I would rupture the scab and reopen the blood vessel. Anyway everything looks fine and I had no blood so far. The pain is mediocre and except for the feeling that my throat is swollen and a little dizziness and pain around the neck.

My diet is mostly rice porridge (I am Asian), plus tofu and steamed egg. I also had ice cream during the first and second day post op. Today I think I can try a little papaya juice, chopped steamed veggie and some chicken broth. My drink is only plain water (no chilled) and I take around 2 liters everyday.

I can speak softly but try to refrain from a lot of talking.

I hope everything will be this good and hope can be back to normal in 7-10 days. Now I just enjoy going online and play computer games.


It has been two weeks since my tonsillectomy. I'm back at work altho I plan to work only a half day today.

I still have a mild sore throat and a little bit of scabbing left. Nothing too horrendous tho. Ibuprofen is keeping it well in check.

I'm able to eat normally. My weight bounced back up a couple pounds, darn it all...

I do get fatigued fairly easily which is why I'm only working a half day, but otherwise I feel fine.

I haven't had any problems with taste loss; my tongue feels pretty normal now; also my uvula which was swollen has shrunken back to normal size.


I had my tonsillectomy on October 31, 2007. The pain was pretty bad, but the hardest time I had was the pharmacy refilling my Loratab prescription; they made me feel like I was some addict! I ended up going back to ER and they gave me two IVs of morphine, which was pretty tough on the body. I am on my second week and usually upon waking, I take a little pain meds, then something nice and cold (two popsicles) and then if I am hungry, something soft like the Dinty Moore turkey and dressing, lukewarm. Once I get through the popsicles the throat is cooling down and I can eat. I also had a warmed english muffin to help "rough up" the throat and promote healing. But with me getting in the middle of the pharmacy and the doctors, that was the worse part. Make sure that you are well taken care of on pain otherwise it can be torture.


Ok after my previous post I am now day 10. I have now found the cure I needed to get rid of the pain. I hope this will help others!

The worst part is when you wake up or should I say are woken up with the pain. I was holding my head in my hands as I couldn't move. Now what I do is force myself to mouthwash with an antiseptic mouthwash, it kills for about 5 minutes but then I get relief for about 2 hours, no pain whatsoever just a rough feeling in my throat. I then maintain these mouthwashes every 2 hours and can now manage to get through the day without painkillers! If I don't mouthwash i'm in agony. I also find that maintaining a temperature for drinks, ie don't have a hot coffee and then have a cold drink, this also kills.

The routine I had was: be woken up in pain, take a painkiller, try to get back to sleep. Then wake up take another different painkiller and lie on the sofa all day.

Thanks to the mouthwash I am now up and about, still can't do anything too energetic or it hurts and still cannot eat (haven't for 8 days now, bad I know).

I unfortunately got an infection so this is delaying the healing, after another visit to hospital I am now on 24 tablets a day, but my best solution is the mouthwash.

I truly hope this helps others as I can honestly say I know what you're going through and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Good luck