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My voice did not change, and I could talk immediately with no noticable differences. It did, however, hurt to yawn or scream. Also, seems like I read where more than a couple of people who took vicodin had nausea. I never once felt sick to my stomach, my meds were lortab and percocet. I tried to save the percocet for nighttime. It didn't really work better, just lasted longer, allowing me to get better rest.


Thanks Mike.. I think it's cool that you've gone through your surgery, but you still come back on the board to offer insight to us "scary cats." Actually, I go through phases - at times im like bring it on, i'll be fine. And other times I'm like, damn this is gonna be bad - manliy when i read these post. Were you able to drive home after your surgery? I live alone and to be honest once it's over i really want to be left alone to relax and heal. I'm one of those people who dont like people around when im sick or recovering... I'm a single bachelor, what can i say. I do appreciate the offers from friends, but I really dont wannt to be botherd. My mom plans on coming up to look after me and I'm telling her NO! Is it necssary to have someone around afterwards.



You definitely will need someone to drive you home. I'm not sure if they'll even let you leave if you don't have a driver. I had a general anesthetic for mine, and I don't even remember the hour long ride home. As for the voice thing, I'm two weeks post surgery and my voice is still a little muffled. I think it has a lot to do with the swelling. I had my post-op appointment yesterday and my ENT said my throat and uvula are still swollen, but that by next week I should be back to normal. After my surgery I could talk, but it was painful. I tried not to talk the first few days.

If you're going to be recovering on your own, really keep on top of meds and water! I stayed with my parents, so I had someone to wake me up if I fell asleep so I didn't miss meds. I did sleep through meds once, and went six hours in between--big mistake! As long as I took the meds at the right intervals, I was fine.

About the nausea, I'm super sensitive to vicodin and other opiate pain killers, so this was a big deal for me. My brother is not as sensitive, but he did end up throwing up after neglecting to eat with meds for a day and a half. I guess it was pretty traumatic and made his throat bleed a bit. He handles meds pretty well, but needed to eat a little something with them. Make sure you eat something with the meds.

Good luck! Even two weeks post-op, I'm glad I've done this. My ENT said the pathology report on my tonsils showed they were diseased and that I would have fought infections my whole life if I hadn't had them out.


Thanks Mike.. I think it's cool that you've gone through your surgery, but you still come back on the board to offer insight to us "scary cats." Actually, I go through phases - at times im like bring it on, i'll be fine. And other times I'm like, damn this is gonna be bad - manliy when i read these post. Were you able to drive home after your surgery? I live alone and to be honest once it's over i really want to be left alone to relax and heal. I'm one of those people who dont like people around when im sick or recovering... I'm a single bachelor, what can i say. I do appreciate the offers from friends, but I really dont wannt to be botherd. My mom plans on coming up to look after me and I'm telling her NO! Is it necssary to have someone around afterwards.

Yes, you definitely need to have someone with you the first 24 hours. As the last post said, you will not be allowed to leave unless someone is with your. Plan on your mom going with you to surgery and staying for a day or two. You need someone around in case you have some bleeding post-op. It's not very common, but someone needs to be there - also to monitor you as you will probably have general anesthesia when you have the surgery. Plus it will be nice to have someone cater to you for a day or so, she can get you water and such -- you will also need to get to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled. You are not allowed to drive for at least 24 hours after anesthesia and it is not recommended while on the stronger pain meds too.

So sit back and let your Mom care for you like you're a little kid for a day, it will probably make her happy to be so helpful to you and to feel needed by her son! :-D

Again, don't worry about it, stay on top of your fluids and meds and you'll be fine! Get some boost shakes or ensure if you are really not able to get down any food, they have protein and electrolytes in them and will make you feel like you have at least something in your stomach.

Other things to get --

Chicken broth, instant mashed potatoes (made with chicken broth and they are pretty good and easy to go down!, popsicles, soup (avoid anything spicy or tomato based - chicken noodle soup went down well around the 6th day, prior to that it was just boost shakes and mashed potatoes) Ramen noodles, Cold gatorade the first couple of days is soothing and good.

Get a humidifer in your room to help keep the air in from being too dry.

I avoided dairy foods b/c I heard that the dairy coats the throat and can cause increased mucus back there. I didn't have any mucus problems and I'm convinced it was b/c I didn't eat much dairy. I had sherbet instead of ice cream --

If they give you an ice pack in the hospital be sure to bring it home with you to use on your throat. Keep it on the first couple of days - it feels good and might help keep the swelling down.

Ask you ENT if he will give you decadron during the surgery. It is an iv steroid that will help decrease the swelling in the throat. Many of them automatically give it in the OR anyway.

Do you know how he/she will be doing the tonsillectomy? Will it be the electrocautery way or coblation? Just curious.

I didn't talk for at least 6 days after b/c it hurt my throat too much. Once I started talking again my voice seemed OK, just quiet. Now I think I sound pretty normal and not muffled anymore.

Good luck to you!



I had my wife drive me home, although when I left the hospital I was feeling pretty good, and probably could have driven myself home, but, my doc was adamant that I do not drive while on any type of narcotic. Well, I'd had hydrocodone before for pneumonia, broken ribs, bad headaches and it never impaired me enough, in my estimation, to keep me from driving. So the next day after surgery I felt like going to the grocery store and drove, about 10 miles alone. Big mistake. Not sure what it was, but I had a severe pain in my chest, unlike anything I had before. I didn't feel it was my heart, since I had some supposed heart problems a month earlier that , after a heart cath, were found to be false. Luckily this happened as I was pulling into the parking lot where I sat until the pain went away. It very well may have been a reaction to the meds.

Bottom line, you don't know how you may react to the meds, or if you may start bleeding, etc., so no matter how bullet-proof you may feel, take it easy. Not necessary to have someone right there with you 24/7, but it would be good to have someone you can reach that can get to you in no more than 15 minutes (per my doc). Yes, sometimes the nerves get a little raw when you get some pain you can't shake, and it's not good to have someone right there who is over-inquisitive, whether they mean well or not.


Thanks for the info... guess i'll let moms come up and "look after" me for a few days... not sure which method my Doc is using for my Tonsilectomy surgery - but i scheduled a briefing with her this Wednesday... i have tons of questions which that question is one of them. My op is scheduled for 12/21 so i have a little time... this boards has provided me with some great insight ... ill keep all of u posted.
Be well everyone and take care.

Talk soon



Hi, I had my surgery this past monday, and I am going through the same thing!! I haven't vomited, but my throat gets so bad, it makes me want to faint, I explained to the Dr. that my medicine just makes me psychically hot, and itchy, and sleepy, but does not take the pain away! Just like you. He just told me to eat more ice. I had a septoplasty and my tonsils taken out at the same time, To be honest with you, if I would have known the amount of pain my throat would cause me, I would have never done it.


Im a 33 year old who had a tonsillectomy in britain 7 days ago, from the moment we wake up from the op we are encouraged to eat normally and especially crusty food such as toast and cornflakes, although this operation has caused some pain eating normally earlier is said to assist in clearing debris from the throat, and i feel has helped me feel better quicker. Good luck to everyone about to embark on this journey


Hey Noah,
i am getting my tonsils out Dec 20, and i am scared out of my mind. It is kinda lame because i am finishing my semester the day before hand and i get to come home to this! i have never had surgery before and my mom is known to get terribly sick from the aesthetic...the last thing i was with a sore throat is puking! I am 20 as well, and after reading some of the things online, this better be worth it! I have gotten 5 different cases of tonsillitis and strep since mid august and so my doc said they need to be taken out. I am such a baby when it comes to pain and the worst part is is that i am going to be a grouchy person for Christmas.

Thanks to all of those who posted above...these are much more encouraging posts then some that i have read so far.



Hello Everyone,

Had a visit with my ENT today (2nd visit since I got the news that they need to come out) my surgery got pushed back to Dec 24th, yes, Christmas Eve. Actually, I'm ok with it. I had already mentally prepared myself to just let the holiday go by this year and focus on having a good surgery and recovery. Nothing new to report aside from that... Thanks to you all here on this board, I did have my list of questions to ask... for some reason, when you're sitting in front of the Doc they just make everything seem like it's no a big deal. He said on average I need a WEEK to heal. He said some need more and some less. I also got this thing put down my nose today so they could I guess look down there and see what my tonsils look like... and they look pretty bad... They could not understand how I've been breathing properly b/c of the size of them. The Docs re confirmed that this will "change my life" and that there is no doubt that I should have it done. At this point, I'm ready and eager.. I'm jsut looking at it like 2-3 weeks of pain is worth it to breath properly, speak clearly and be rid of the tonsil issues... Stay tuned..

To all that are going through recovery, BE STRONG, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!! And to Kate and the others waiting... think positive and know you will be ok!!

Talk soon,


Hello All,

Im having my tonsils removed, a septoplasty and a submucous ressuction done on Dec 14th. I originally went to the ENT to schedule for a tonsellectomy only to find out I needed the two other things done as well! o.O My docor said that he was only giving me Vicodin...which I have never take before no mention of nausea medictions OR antibiotics. I think I need to go back to ask (well more like demand) I get those things.

Any pre and post op recommendations. Oh, Im a 23 year old female with no health issues or kids to care of after surgery. Any advised would be hgihly appreaciated.



I'm 22, and I had my tonsils removed a week ago. The doctor said they used some laser or something to remove them, if that helps anyone. It's basically been good and bad days and moments in days. I was talking ..not normally and not well the same day and the next day, however on the third and fourth and fifth day, it became more painful to speak. Although I was given some kind of liquid codeine, and tylenol and of course antibiotics. The nurse told me to take codeine every 4 hours and tylenol in that every 2 hours i was taking something for pain. I stopped taking the codeine on the third day (which probably explains the decrease in speaking) due to vomiting, mainly just clear stuff, and i was drinking water and throwing that up. I didn't find the codeine was helping me all that much anyway, and it tasted disgusting. Overall, the pain isn't too bad, its bearable, its fine normal and it still kinda hurts to drink water. But anyway I just wanted to say my experience doesn't sound as bad as some peoples. Although I gotta say I really can't wait to eat normal food, and feel no pain. My uvula is really swollen also. My little booklet given to me by my doctor says that i'm supposed to be back to my normal diet, but i'm a little scared to eat normal food, i'm just starting to eat soft noodles and soggy cereal..but thats about it. I made a protein smoothie the other day, and I'd suggest that to anyone who can't eat because its delicious and has nutrients and protein. Oh by the way yesterday my voice was almost back to normal and talking not so uncomfortable, keep in mind i'm just taking 2 tylenol's every 4 hours.


Hi everyone

I'm so glad I found this site. I've had strep every year and its usually more than 3 times each year. This year I had gotten strep 3 times since October. This time my doctor has me seeing the ENT to talk about getting my tonsils removed. My appt. is on 12/14. Anyways, from talking to my Dr I already know that not getting them removed is not an option. I just need the ENT to confirm.

Anyways, I've been reading everyone's responses and I'm a little freaked out. It's my own fault. Anyways, I'm still reading on cz I want to prepare myself.

Whats the recovery time in general?

Thanks and good luck to everyone.


Just thought I'd post an update and maybe help calm some of your fears, for those still anticipating surgery. I am now three weeks post-op, and only have a little pain in the mornings. It's similar to the sore throat you get when you run in cold weather. I'm past any sort of restriction as far a food and medication, and Advil has been working well to control the pain in the mornings. There's just a little swelling left, and a few spots that are red and raw where the scabs have come off. My only complaint right now, is that I haven't regained all of my sense of taste. Sweet foods taste like cardboard! Other than that, I'm looking forward to regaining my sense of taste so I can enjoy the holiday treats!

In retrospect, I'm glad I had the surgery done. Even though recovery was painful, it's worth it. I was getting infections so often that I was missing work and school. It seems like everytime something went around our office; a cold or the flu; I got tonsillitis. My ENT said that without the surgery, I'd have a lifetime of infections.

To anyone having surgery soon, just make sure you are well informed and ask tons of questions. I am a super-informed patient, and looked all of my medications up online so I new exactly what to expect. There weren't any surprises since I new each side effect and how to deal with it.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


Im a 23 year old female scheduled on December 14th for a tonsillectomy, septoplasty and submucous ressuction. Anyone else have all of these things done at once? I've been reading the posts and alot of people are saying that they got more than one kind of pain killer. My doctor only said I would get Vicodin....anyone use that after this surgery? What advice do you guys have for pain management? To say the least that is my biggest worry the anticipation of pain!!!!

Thanks Katiria