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i am 19 and i had my tonsils out 3 weeks ago. i dont suppose i had it too bad as other than the sore throat i was feeling much better within a week. i would say to anyone who's having it done thou to eat n drink as much as possible. i had to eat before i left hospital. eating was very painful, but you need to persist with it. one user said they could feel the scabs coming off. i cant say i really did, but they say if you eat they tend to get scrapped off. which is all round more pleasant. eating jelly and ice cream is nice ha ha.


well, i am on day 6 post op of having my tonsils & adenoids removed. so far so good. i hate the way the scabs feel against the back of my tongue. but as for pain, i am very lucky. my left tonsil was the size of a golf ball, and from what the surgeon said left a lot of exposed muscle. i am now down to taking tylenol during the day, and taking my pain pills at night.

my advice: drink lots and lots of water. you know you are drinking enough, when you contemplate putting a blanket and pillow by your toilet.

also, i have experienced taste loss. :-( i LOVE food, and i hope it is only temporary.


I am 23 and had my tonsils/adnoids removed 8 days ago. The surgery wasn't nearly as bad as some of these boards I was reading! I was so scared going in for surgery but it was quick and I was in and out of the hospital in like 3 hours. As soon as I woke up I ate 2 popsicles and they let me go home. I felt soar in the throat but no worse than strep. The doctor put me on oxycodon. I was eating mashed potatos on day 1 and solid food by day 3 (chicken, macaroni) day 6 I ate pizza although little. I feel kind of run down today and tried to go to work (only stayed for 2 hours) but I feel like I should be able to make it tomorrow. My scabs for the most part are gone and they do hurt when they fall off, but it feels good when they are gone.
Here are some tip though that i felt helped ALOT:
1. drink ALOT of water
2. DONT EAT ICE CREAM! instead eat sherbert or popsicles or smoothies. Ice cream makes you all mucusy and hard to swallow and even made me vomit.
3. Eat ASAP the sooner you eat the better you feel
4. sleep with a Humidifier
5. Take your pain meds
Hope this helps!


I'm 26 YO Female, 10 Days Post Op...technique used...coblasion I think. Basically, they use a heated tool with blasts of 100 degree saline to scrape out the tonsils and adenoids

AS FOR THE PAIN...personally...though it did hurt quite a bit, even through hydrocodone and valium, I didn't find it to be too much worse than my own experience with bad tonsilitis....sore tonsils, ear aches, sore neck, swollen lymph nodes. The worse were the surges of a sharper pain, but for me they weren't constant. There for a couple of days I did have a burning sensation. Though the pain wasn't severe, I think it bugged me more than anything else. And yes, waking up is always the worst. I don't know if anyone else's doctor's told them this, but the better an incline of pillows you build for your back and head, the less you'll suffer when you wake up.

My Dr was great. He gave me pretty good expectations ahead of time, though no words can really prepare you for any surgery. He also promised, and has followed through that he would give me pain meds as long as I needed them. I think this is important, and I think when choosing a Dr, this is a question you need to ask about. If they will not go to whatever limits they need to to keep you comfortable, then keep on moving. Find another doctor.

FOOD....Within 72 hours I was SICK of sweets. I'm on day 10 and still have half my ice cream I bought in the freezer. I tried to find anything else I could handle that wasn't sweet. Oatmeal, frozen mac n cheese, refried beans from Taco Bell. The thing I missed the most was meat. It's virtually impossible for me. Even now, 10 days out, it's still a chore.

DRINKING....But really, the best thing for me, ice water. I'd take at least 6 swigs of water every time I woke up before even sitting upright. And kept sipping ice water the whole time. I tried Gatorade to keep from getting dehydrated as I don't think I drank all the fluids I've been supposed to.

TIME OUT.... I planned on having the surgery on Friday and being back to work the next Thursday. The worse surges of pain didn't even kick in until Wednesday. So I ended up being out the whole week. I hate giving up the PTO, but am so glad I did it. If you push yourself too hard too soon, your recovery will take longer, and take more out of you. Don't feel guilty for taking the time "just because it's your tonsils". It's not just your tonsils. It take a toll on your whole body, and your mind.

POTTYING---THIS IS IMPORTANT.... I'd read somewhere in this forum before having the surgery about the importance of taking stool softeners starting the day of your surgery, and I was dumb and didn't do it. If you're about to have it or have had it...TAKE THIS ADVICE. It's not just about the food you consume, it's about the pain meds. They will constipate you. The pain in your head is enough to distract you. You don't need to add the stomach pain as well. And if you wait until you're already constipated (as I did stupidly), you're still going to have problems. I know it's gross to read, but you need to know. If you're not taking them from the beginning, your excrement is already forming in a very firm state. So even if you start taking the stool softener after the constipation starts...everything behind it will be soft and need to come out, and with greater urgency than before. But you'll still have a large and downright HARD bowel movement to pass first.


This may all sound scary and intimidating, but it REALLY was not as bad as I feared it to be upon reading all these posts before hand. It does hurt. But so does recurrent tonsilitis, strep, sinus infections and the like. It's something that if you just approach with an open mind and an acceptance of the fact that it's a recovery PROCESS... you WILL make it through.

I absolutely do NOT regret having this done. The woman who had hers done about 3 years ago, who referred me to the doctor told me, and was 100% right...attitude makes all the difference. If you don't let yourself get upset and frustrated, you will make it through this okay. Well, good attitude, and a good doctor, good drugs, and at least a week off to really REST. Don't push yourself. Sleep the day away if you're prone to boredom. I slept for a week solid, rarely awake for more than 45 minutes...and I never felt like I'd slept too much and never felt guilty. I took care of all my housework and other duties in advance so I could focus on my recovery.

If you're having problems and have been told you need your tonsils out... DO IT. I asked around alot about who had had theirs out and what it was like and I got so many responses of "yeah, I was supposed to have mine out years ago". Forgive me, but that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Infection prone tonsils are no minor matter....nor is continuous, repeated illness. The germs and infections your tonsils and adenoids can accumulate can lead to infections in other parts of your body like your heart and liver. This doesn't mean it's not a challenge. And I mean NO disrespect or invalidation to anyone who has really struggled with their recovery. I could be wrong. I could be very lucky to only have had the pain I have. This is just the story as I know it. And was the story from the other person who went through this at about the same age as I did.

If you're thinking about having it it. And if you've had it done and are struggling through it.... you WILL make it through.

If you have any other questions...feel free to email me directly at _[removed]_ .


I am now 12 days post op and I find it impossible to eat I haven't had anything but Popsicles and baby food, and a few milked down runny mashed potatoes. I have lost 19 lbs and am extremely hungry. The pain has left and most of the scabs are gone. But I can not taste the way I use too. everything taste extremely nasty, even my favorite foods. IS THIS NORMAL and will I get my taste back ever?

The pain for me was extremely bad for only the first 6 days and them I went off all pain meds and back to work in only seven days. I am 33 years old.


I'm on Thryoid medicine,but I feel like i do not have to take it since i'm only borderline. I'ts making my hair fall out and my skin very dry. I had Breast Cancer 5years ago and a hyterectomy with it. I'm not on any estrogen therpy. My question is if i decide to ween myself off, how do i do it and what are so sideeffects if any? :'(


hi i had a tonsillectomy on the 6th of september. boy i didnt know that sense of taste would vanish. i am really beginning to feel depressed about this because my surgeon never told me about any of this. im scared i may never taste anything again. i have got to the point where i just try to avoid eating all together because its so hard being unable to taste. is anyone here better and if so how long did it take. :'(


Thank you so much to MonaRamse! I am 26 and scheduled to have my tonsils out tomorrow morning! I started reading through most of these posts about a week ago and almost didn't even go to the doctor because of better half had to drag me. When he told me I had to have them taken out and soon, I was truly scared! I realize it's going to hurt and that it is not pleasant but there is nothing you can do to change that they have to come out. At least Mona made me feel like it wasn't the end of it all like some others. I guess I will keep yall posted on how it goes! I think the hardest thing is taking off work so long! You hate to eat up your time off!


To you guys that have lost your taste, I'm so sorry. For the first several days sweet was the only thing I could really taste. One of my family members brought me ham salad and egg salad and both tasted weird. As stated in my previous post, I got sick of sweets really quick. But my taste is coming back to me now. It's hard to know what's at 100% because I'm still just leery of alot of things and whether or not it will hurt. I've also had some nausea issues and things that sound so good in my head just aren't appealing once they're in front of me.

I wonder if anyone else had this experience... for me, the backs and sides of my tongue are still sore, as if I'd bitten them really hard. The doc speculated that it may've been from the dental dams they used to keep my mouth open. But you have taste buds all over your tongue so I wonder if that has effect on what kind of taste capabilites you have.

Have you guys talked to your doctor about your taste?



I'm SO glad I could help. Please come back and post in a few days to let us know how you're recovery is going.


:'( I had my tonsils out on 9/7/07. everything was fine and didnt feel too bad then on the next monday i started having bloodclots come out of my throat. I went to the ER and they tried to burn them again while i was awake.DO NOT attempt that was the worst pain ever eventually about 3:00 in the morning I was going to emergency surgery because they couldnt get it to stop bleeding. Now the apin is worse than ever and my tongue has huge knots and white with alot of numb spots.Just so you know i'm 24 with 3 kids and if i had to do over i'd rather have five more children before i would choose to have this done agian!!I'd be happy to answer any other questions. Good Kuck to those that are getting this done.And if you have blood clots comming out of your throat go to the ER ASAP they said i was a ticking time bomb and could not believe i drove myself


Amanda, so sorry to hear about your plight. I went through tonsillectomy on the 6th and went through alot of pain - but nothing like what you are going through. One thing that helped me was letting ice chips melt in my mouth and let cold water trickle down my throat. This kept me from dehyadrating and kept the wounds moist. Reading this forum helped me tremendously (thanks to all). I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel during those nights I had to sit sleeping up to stop myself from choking on my own saliva and mucous every few minutes! Trust me - this too shall pass - I have made it to the 9th day and I feel a marked improvement. I hope you can get lots of quiet time to rest - that is the most important... let your body recover from all the trauma it went through!! Take care.



Hi Guest - Like you I also had a few mouth sores wihich added to my inability to eat. Luckily, my ENT gave me an oral gel called "Oral T" which I applied twice a day. The sores went away almost immediately!! I hope you can find it in you local Pharmacy. Good Luck!



My doctor just told me I need to get my tonsills removed. I get strep throat alot and tonsillites twice this year. Do you think it is worth getting surgery? Also I have seen that there are a few different types of removal procedures, do you know if the doctor makes that choice? I am 24 years old, I dont know how long i can stay at home. How soon were you able to return to work?


I'm 29 and I had my T&A done on 9-18 to help with my sleep apnea and the pain doesn't seem to be any better. I was given vicodin for the pain but as it doesn't decrease the pain at all, I stopped taking it yesterday. All I know is that I'm glad I didn't read some of these posts before I had this done because I never would have had it done. I can deal with the pain but I'm not a big fan of the constant fatigue. I've seriously been sleeping 20 hours a day since I've had the procedure done. I need to have some wakey time! Does anyone know if it's normal to sleep this much after the surgery?