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Hello All,

I came home yesterday at noon and its now almost 1 pm on Saturday. So my first 24 hours are up. Since I came home I've been taking my Vicodin every 3 hours (7.5/500 dosage per pill). I tried to go four hours and when I woke up to the alarm I had alot more discomfort, not alot of pain just discomfort. I decided to stick to the three hour rule. Those taking Vicodin should know that it contains Acetomenephine (Tylenol's active ingredient) because of this you can only take up too 4, 000 mg of the acetomephine a day...thats the max dose before liver damage occurs. Vicodin is hydrocodone which is the 7.5 part of the dose and the 500 is the acetomenephine in my prescription. So I can take up to 8 pills in 24 hours to reach the max acetomephine dose...DO NOT TAKE ANY OTHER ACETOMENEPHINE PRODCUTS. Today I started the steriod and antibiotics.

In the last 24 hours I drank 9 bottles of water, did alot of ice chips, about 20 oz of a protein juice, a popcisle, 2 jello cups, 14 oz of cool chicken brooth, a 44 oz ICEE, and sips from a cup of ice/water. I ate alittle bit of applesauce earlier today to take my meds. Ive been chewing gum to loosen up the jaw and ears. I tried eating mashed potatoes yesterday when I came home from the hospital and that was a NO GO! Hurt like hell but today I was able to get some down with manageable discomfort.

Ive set my alarm for every three hours to take my meds. At each wake up call I drink an entire bottle of water with my pain meds, irrigate my nose/sinuses, take my temp and go to the bathroom. I also put Vicks Vapor Rub on my wrist where the IV was because it came out very bruised and swollen. I try to also suck on a cough drop to loosen up the throat and for a cough suppresent. I ve had some mucuous but nothing terrible just difficult to clear out since you really cant go at it like you'd want to. I havent really sleept since I got home not because of pain but because I feel like im WIRED LOL!

My nose has stopped bleeding for the most part (I had a septoplasty/turbinate ressuction). I was given an Ice face mask at the hospital that I have been using on my throat to keep the swelling down. Ive been talking and it does help to clear out stuff from the back fo the throat. I have been using a humidifier at night and I run a Vick's Vaporizer during the day. That has really helped keep my throat and nose moist.

Updates to continue.....



Hello Again All,

Update on Hours 24-48. Started the steriods and antibiotics now.

My nose has completely stopped bleeding at this point. Ive continued to use the humidifier all night and the Vicks Vaporizer during the day. Everytime I wake up for my meds during the night I take my temp, drink a whole bottle of water, irrigate my sinues, set my alarm for the next dose of meds, chew gum and try to suck on a cough drop before going back to bed. I also take a few sips of cold ice water to help constrict anything that may be bleeding. It's alot to do but Id rather wake up and do that routine than wake up dried out. Ive been using a face ice pack I got at the hospital because of the septoplasty and put it on my neck at night.

I've drank at least 15 bottles of water, plus ice chips, more Bolthouse Protein drink, and some grape juice. I was able to eat some potatoes and I found that its better NOT to mash them up but leave them in small bites with alot of butter. I did eat some perogies, lightly sauteed and NOT crunchy, and jello. Later on that day I ate some butternut squash soup. CAUTION TO ALL: Food and liquids of all thickness seem to want to go up my nose everytime I prepared with tissues!!!

Ive been keeping my mouth as "busy" as possible all day long with gum, ice, water or cough drops. The more I keep moving it the better my throat and neck feels.

I have been in bed since I got home but have been up about every hour just to stretch my legs and get some circulation going. I keep a plastic container in bed with me that contains everything I need for the day: bottles of water, my tissues, all my meds, Thermometer, cough drops, gum, etc. It makes it easier during the day and night since I dont have to keep getting in and out of bed for things.

Oh, I've had no real pain since Ive been home VERY minor discomfort here and there but nothing horrendous. :o

Thats all for now folks...


I am scheduled for surgery day after tomorrow and am pretty terrified, but Katiria - your posts have helped and I'm going to put together a list for the store of things to buy and try to mimick your 24-48 post op schedule as best I can.

My situation is further complicated by my nursing daughter and that no one will give me a straight answer on whether I can nurse during the 5 days of prelone steroid. I've also been prescribed vicodin and amoxicillin but I've taken those in the past while nursing to I'm OK with those.

My husband didn't take any time off work and my mom and in-laws will begrudgingly watch my kids 'some of the time' while recovering. I'm trying to stay positive at least my 4 year old somewhat 'gets it'. Also, I'm off of work just shy of 2 weeks. My boss keeps telling me its no big deal and that she knows 3 adults that did it and post-op was no biggie. I think she is just setting me up for "don't even think about calling in on January 2, 3 & 4." Yesterday, I bought and wrapped 24 Christmas gifts. Today, I feel a fever coming on because once again, I'm run down and these tonsils are about to get inflamed. Pray my surgery isn't canceled.

I should have done this surgery years ago. I've lived with bouts of chronic tonsillitis, so many cases os strep, snoring so bad that my husband doesn't want to sleep with me, I wake up during the night choking. I haven't slept thru the night in years. And those tonsil stones are so gross and embarrassing.

Someone liken this to a fireworks finale. That will be my attitude going in. I owe this to my future self to take care of it now. I'll bookmark this site and hope to post when I get to my mom's that will be about 48-72 hours post-op. - Jean


Hi Jean,

Not too sure on the nursing for your baby on steriods but the anesthetia portion would be more of a concern than the steriods, I would think? I dont know if the drugs for general anesthetia will pass through your milk... I would ask the hospital. I'm assuming that your just having a tonsillectomy only?

For Your "Things to Buy" List I would really recommened: cases of water, soft tissues (Ive been using the Puff's Vicks kind), cough drops (Ive been using Ricola: Natural Herb yellow bag ones NOTHING MENTHOL), a chapstick, Bolthouse Brand Protein Drink (It comes in like 2 or 3 flavors and its in the refridegerated section), Orbit Pepermint gum and jello for your first hours home. I did better with room temp jello than cold since it was less thick and "melted" in my mouth better to go down. A cup with a lid and straw works good for the just in case ice water to have on hand next to you. I dont know if I said this before but Im keeping all of these things in the bed with me in a rectangular plastic container.

Ive been counting the water at the end of each 24 hours because I put the bottles in a grocery bag. Set an alarm and take your Vicodin's on time dont wait till you feel the pain coming its best to keep on top of it AND drink a whole bottle of water. Keep your mouth moving with gum, water, cough drops etc. It really does help loosen things up.

If you have any questions please dont hesistate to ask.

Good Luck!!! Just remember KEEP HYDRATED AT ALL TIMES!!!



As many of you know I had the surgery on Friday (12/14) and its Tuesday 1:15 pm. So Im on day 4 post op. Ive finished an entire case of 35 bottles of water and am already on case # 2. I have really found the more I drink the better it feels. I have been checking out the back of my throat in the mirror with a handy flashlight and the scabs (that are withe/gray) were already formed by day 2. Thankfully I have not noticed any bad breath...knock on wood or any bleeding.

I havent had pain per say there has been some slight discomfort when I oversleep and dont take my meds on time OR that dreadful night I thought Id be real funny and NOT use my humidifier. Oh this was also the night I decided to sleep laying down instead of propped up on my "husband pillow". BIG MISTAKE!!!

Ive been eating, rice (extra soft....make it with more water than usual), perogies, jello, a very slow cooked soft steak, cheesecake and frozen yogurt. Ive continued my nightly routine when I wake up for meds by drinking a whole bottle of water, irrigating my sinues, chewing gum, a cough drop, and temp taking.

During the day I have been trying to wait at least 4 hours to take my Vicodin but I don let it go past the 4 hours. There has been som ear pain but chewing gum has helped stop the throbbing.

Ive been in bed most of the time but do get up and walk around a bit to loosen up leg muscles and the such.

I was scheduled for my post op appointment on 12-26-07.

Updates to continue...


Hi. I just found out Friday (12/14) that I will need a tonsillectomy. Its scheduled for Jan 9th. I am in the process of filling out my medical leave at work. How long should I take my leave for? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? My Dr had told me recovery time is usually between 10 to 20 days.




Zofran is for nausea. I used it for the first time with my tonsillectomy. It disolves on your tongue and isn't horrible. It gave me headaches, but didn't make me a zombie like the phenergan did.


Hope your surgery went well!

I would say to take it easy on vacation. I was told no alcohol for at least three weeks post op, since it's a blood thinner and could increase the risk for bleeding. I'm 4 1/2 weeks post op now, and had my first drink on Saturday. It burned a little more than usual, but was okay. Just 2 or 3 weeks after, I was still experiencing a lot of sensitivity to certain foods, and I think alcohol would have been a mistake. Everyone is different though. I lost 18 pounds during my recovery, and I think that may have prolonged things.

Good luck with recovery, and hopefully you'll feel up for some fun on your vacation.


Hi Len,

I would say take two weeks off from work depending on what you do for work. Im a Social Worker and taking two weeks off then going back minimally the 3rd week. Im working from home so if thats an option for you I would recommend you consider it.

Good Luck!!



I see some of you got some 'roids to help recovery ... NO FAIR! >;) I didn't get any! I don't play Major league bball, so I don't see the big deal. XD



Another update....

I've started driving again short distances and only when the Vicodin has worn off. I've continued drinking and drinking to keep hydrated and have started eating more solid foods. Same routine during the night.

Today I went and had was very good but hard to get down. Of, course there is discomfort but as they say no pain no gain! WORD OF CAUTION I was eating my food fine (it was warm but not hot) when I decided to take a sip of ice water. This was a BIG TIME mistake...immediately got shooting pains in my ears etc.

I tried to eat a bannana a little while ago and thought I was going to die......its been the WORST pain Ive had since this surgery. I dont know why but it hurt and burned like crazy.

No bleeding from throat OR nose and no bad breath thus far. I have been brushing my teeth about three times a day since Friday since food does get stuck in my teeth and the back of my throat. I cant move my tongue around enough to clear stuff out.

littlemike777 NO STEROIDS.....thats insane!

Till next time!


JUST KIDDING ... not the same kinda roids anyway.

To Len, I'd say a minimum of 2 weeks. I probably could have gone back after 1.5 weeks, but my recovery was an exceptional case, I think. Don't push it


Hey Everyone,

My ENT is given me Lortab for pain and Zofran for nausea... Do you think that will take care of the pain? I want to keep the pain under control so I am able to eat.. I'm a big guy, so I think I need something STRONG.. My ENT said that she is given me the strongest Lortab... i assume there's differnet strengths...?? Also, is a bad idea to have dairy?

4 days to go....


Hello Again....

Its 1 AM and I am once again WIDEEEE AWAKE...stupid Vicodin's work for the pain but keep me up. ENT told me that anything Liquid is not as strong as a pill form of a drug (no idea why he just said that to me when I requested liquid). I have been taking Vicodin 7.5/750 dosage...the thing with his drug is you have to watch how much you take because of the acetomenephine in it.

Now as far as dairy AVOID it at all costs it causes mucous to develop and you dont want that. I have avoided dairy as much as possible and still have mucous that is VERY hard to clear out from my throat. The discharge nurse at my hospital stressed dairy avoidance with liquid consumption.

littlemike777 What I meant was that its insane that they gave you no steriods to help with the swelling...I have one pill left for tomorrow and Im already praying that swelling doesnt become a problem LOL.

TTYL....Here is to hoping I get some sleep tonight.



I am on day seven and perhaps I have been lucky pain has only been bad in the mornings for the most part. I highly recommend a humidifier and sleeping in a reclined position. Another big help is nice long steamy showers. I also had a deviated septum corrected at the same time so I was stuck with mouth breathing for a few days. I have already notice a huge difference in my breathing. My god it is a whole new world. If you are having trouble with them a few weeks of pain is worth a life time of change. Do not eat ice cream it burns so very bad. Cream of wheat with heavy cream helps to.

Oh and if you get a supply of pain meds make sure to take them even if there is no hurt if you stay ahead of the pain it makes things easier.

Break down:

Day one: Got home and crashed
Day two: wondered what the hell hit me
Day three: Ate really liquidly cream of wheat and broth
Day four: continued eating and added in some soft bread also took several steamy showers
Day five: thought I was going to die I slept through a pain dose and the scabs had started detaching. Got up took meds and you guessed it hot shower pain subsided in about 15 minutes.
Day six: Still have some pain and can feel the next bought with scabs coming.
Day Seven: Just started but no regrets.

Cream of wheat
Hot showers
stay on top of your pain
Constant supply of warm tea
Mash taters

Trust me when I say this for me it is already worth it and I am not even done healing don't let the stories chase you off. You have a lot to gain if this is what your doctor thinks will help.