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I am on day seven and perhaps I have been lucky pain has only been bad in the mornings for the most part. I highly recommend a humidifier and sleeping in a reclined position. Another big help is nice long steamy showers. I also had a deviated septum corrected at the same time so I was stuck with mouth breathing for a few days. I have already notice a huge difference in my breathing. My god it is a whole new world. If you are having trouble with them a few weeks of pain is worth a life time of change. Do not eat ice cream it burns so very bad. Cream of wheat with heavy cream helps to.

Oh and if you get a supply of pain meds make sure to take them even if there is no hurt if you stay ahead of the pain it makes things easier.

Break down:

Day one: Got home and crashed
Day two: wondered what the hell hit me
Day three: Ate really liquidly cream of wheat and broth
Day four: continued eating and added in some soft bread also took several steamy showers
Day five: thought I was going to die I slept through a pain dose and the scabs had started detaching. Got up took meds and you guessed it hot shower pain subsided in about 15 minutes.
Day six: Still have some pain and can feel the next bought with scabs coming.
Day Seven: Just started but no regrets.

Cream of wheat
Hot showers
stay on top of your pain
Constant supply of warm tea
Mash taters

Trust me when I say this for me it is already worth it and I am not even done healing don't let the stories chase you off. You have a lot to gain if this is what your doctor thinks will help.


If you have time, I would pump and save your milk. I wouldnt chance it nursing while on the meds. My baby didnt like the bottle, but had to if she wanted to eat. keep pumping until you can get a straight answer, if your doctor or nurse wont answer you, ask your pharmacist.... if it will pass to your milk or affect your baby, dump it, if it is questionable, dump it... but keep pumping so you dont dry up. ask your peditrician for samples of formula just in case. dont be afraid to ask for a few different kinds to try out. see which your baby tolorates better for just in case you dont have a big enough milk supply for your medicated period. you could also ask your ped. about the meds passing. the more people you get answers from, the clearer your picture, then find out what meds you will be on and look them up online. see if there is a direct mention of breastfeeding.

I wish you a speedy recovery. make sure you drink plenty, eat when you can, force yourself when you think you cant, and sleep. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY... you have to recover so you can resume being a mom. tell your hubby that he is going to have to pick up the slack, he has two options, he can take the time off or he can work two jobs, one at work and then one at home... you have to take the time off, otherwise your recovery will take much longer. if family wont help out, let neighbors, friends, church members assist... speak up, ask directly, set it up in advance. if everyone helps out, it is just a little from each person, it isnt like you dont need the help.

I'll be praying for you. Merry Christmas!!


I forgot to mention, I noticed alot of people mention broth, if you have sensitivity to sodium, be careful... broth has more sodium in it than eating a handful of salt... it will make you retain water and can add to the swelling. and humidifiers and vaporizers... use them, even if you have to spend 20 dollars at walmart or borrow one, use it... 24 hours a day.
when I was all but healed, I began yawning constantly, dr said it was my bodies way of stretching out my muscles.. which I dont get, I talked non stop (as usual) so I figured my muscles would be as stretched as always.. nope; it hurt like heck and it was a constant thing, yawning, yawning, yawning, and I wasnt even tired most of the time!!!

ice packs, over by the pharmacy, reusable ones... get 4 of them, 2 each flat and round, keep two of them frozen at all times, you will find lots of uses for them.

have a couple of boxes of tissues and trash bags handy. if you have a little carrier, basket, bucket, anything it is nice to have everything gathered in one place so you can get to everything when needed without having to look for it, also when you begin to heal more and are tired of bed, you can take the whole bucket/basket to another room with you so it is handy for you.

dont rush it, make sure you are recovered before venturing out. some people swear that they are healed after a few days, some take 3 to 4 weeks... I took 2 weeks off and wish I had opted to return part time for the following two weeks. I was ready to get out, just so tired all of the time. and I returned to work full on and had to work a couple of 12 hour days... it wasnt pretty at all.

stock up on movies that you like, nothing to comical or tear jerking, extreme emotions will hurt. toward the time your scabs are falling off and you are feeling better, go for the extremes, especially if you are mad or upset, you can blame the crying on the movies!! but get it out... then watch a funny movie to laugh your butt off... change your emotional state. you wont probablly watch a whole movie for a few days, but sometimes the background noise is nice.

be ready for the ear pain... it will knock you over or it wont be a problem, nothing in the middle...

I have 4 kids at home ages 12, 11, 3, and recently 1. the younger kids took it better than the older kids.. they were ok about it, but were quite clingy and I needed my space. I took really long showers or locked my bedroom door when I had had enough... I know it hurt their feeling, but I had to have my time, at least a little time while I was awake that I could do my thing, even if it was just nothing. without having to explain every little thing. I love my kids, but sometimes silence is golden.

scabs, sometimes thay are black or brown sometimes they are white. I asked my doctor and he said it dependant upon a particular body... but I was expecting typical scabs, mine were white... I forced myself to drink tons, so I guess they stayed hydrated, but I did notice when I began seeing a little pink, then eventually a lot of pink... it coinsides with the gaging/choking feeling you get, it is the scabs falling off. if you eat also, I have been told it isnt as noticable, since you are swollowing bulk anyhow. I didnt eat during my recovery (now wishing I had) so I was icky-ily aware of my scabs falling off and of my swollowing them.
dont be afraid or grosed out, look at them, it is quite interesting, also you can see when the swelling begins to go down, the huge holes in the back of your throat, and then the way your body corrects this and fills them in... it is really quite fascinating if you are a science geek like me... Steve (from the beginning pages; prior to page 15) has a seperate blog that includes pictures of his journey and recovery. his scabs were black and some of them are nasty... but it is quite interesting reading, especially since you are going to be confined anyhow..

best wishes to all, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year...
God Bless


this is found on page 5 of this topic... I went to his site and it is useful.. good luck to you all


im a 21 yr old male. Had mine out monday, so this is day six for me.

first two days were a breeze, was eating a ton, not too much pain.

day three was when it started to sucks, and bad. Felt like i was being stabbed in my throat and ears. I could hardly swallow anything, coul dhadly drink, even enough to take my meds. The liquid hydrocone the doc gave me wasn't doing enough, so the doc my mom works for wrote my a scrip for extened release oxy's. They didn't do much either. I'm VERY resistant to drugs.

Day three consisted of me laying in bed the hwole day, sleeping on and off. I actually began crying like a little girl because I was in so much pain.

Day4-I woke up with hardly any pain at all. Went through the day eating and drinking as much as i could, but pain came back almost as bad as day 3 by night.

day4 rolled around and i woke up took my meds. Pain is a little better-still laying around eating/drinking.

day5-woke up feeling extremely loopy and out of it. By 12pm, I was breaking out in cold sweats. The eggs that I managed to eat in the morning came up when I puked at noon. I was trying to take a c**p, thinking that me being backed up could cause me to feel bad, and as soon as I pushed to get it out, I threw up everywhere. Needless to say I think that re-aggrivated my throat.

Since day 5 I have no taken any pain meds. I am too worried about them making me sick again, and would rather not through up. I went to bed last night at 8 slept till 12, watched tv till 2, slept till 4, woke up watched more tv, and slept on and off till noon on day six.

today-pain has been moderate. I have been drinking loads of green tea, as it is the only thing that seems to sooth my throat, and it keeps me hyrdated at the same time. Right now I can swallow, but i winch when i do because of the pain. I ate pizza tonight for dinner, hoping that the rough crust would clear my throat of some debree. The scabs are starting to come off I think, I coughed up a few real small chunks of white stuff earlier.

I think I am going to stay off all pain meds from now on. Throwing up was abolutely horribly. If the pain stays the same as it is now, I can suck it up. It feels like a really bad sore throat.

I am wondering when this suffering will end? The days go on and nothing seems to get better.


Hello All,

Week one is over!!! Haven’t really had pain since I take my Vicodin’s religiously on time. This will be my second day without them (I ran out of my 1st bottle but have another refill in case I need them) and there has been discomfort but not really pain. However, I’ve started to get an "itchy" sensation in my throat and I have been coughing like crazy...kept me up all last night. I’m starting to feel that gagging/choking thing others have mentioned on here. It almost feels like I’m trying to swallow slime with chunks in it, as disgusting as it sounds. Cough drops and gum have helped me with that but it’s an annoyance. I have not bleed ever since the surgery...knock on wood.

Cold things are no longer okay with my throat…it sends shooting pains to my ears for some reason. This started about the 4th day post-op. So, for the time being cool or warm liquids only that still want to come out my nose (How long did it take you guys for that to go away???). Some foods are okay some days and other days I think its trying to kill me. Its very touch and go at this point.

I’m still downing 8 to 10 bottles of water a day plus other drinks to keep ultra hydrated. I think this has helped the scabs stay moist and not bleed out when they break off. I’m still using my humidifier especially at night.

Post-Op appointment is on the 26th….This has TOTALLY BEEN WORTH IT!

Happy Holidays!!!



its day 6 for me and im off pain meds completely, and i my throat at the moment hardly hurts at all, just discomfort and feeling full.

two words; warm tea

I have been drinking it nonstop for a few hours now, and my throat feel fantastic!


Hi everyone. I'm 21 years old and just had my tonsils out 5 days ago. Although there is still pain, it has gotten a little bit better. One thing I suggest if you can't swallow anything (like I was) go back to the hospital and ask for steriod injections in an IV. The steriods weren't fun while they were being injected but thats what they did this morning when I had to go back. I came home and took a nap but when I woke up I did feel a little bit better . I think its because of the steriods so TRY THAT! I still can't eat anything I want and I'm definately not 100% yet. I haven't had to take pain medicine in about 10 hours which is unbelievable! All I'm hoping is that I feel a little better for Christmas and this awful experience ends soon!


Hello All,

I've started to get a fever tonight....its up to 100.00, not terrible but still high for me. Im 9 days post op and wondering if this has happened to anyone else... I have been taking my antibiotics so dont know what this could be...Hoping not to get sick.

Oh, I think Ive said this before but I CANNOT SLEEP and havent all that much since the surgery??? Anyone else have this insomnia type issue?? Other than the not sleeping at nighht I havent had any issues at all and virtually zero pain.

Hoping to sleep sometime soon LOL



Hi all,

Quick background: I'm a 22 y/o female with a history of recurrent tonsilitis. no other real problems--I'm pretty healthy otherwise and take care of myself well. I had a break in December, and decided it was finally time to get this tonsillectomy done that I had been putting off for years.

On December 13th (on Day 11 now) I got my tonsils and adenoids out and it's been hell since then. The first day was not bad at all but it just got worse and worse. My birthday was on the 20th and I couldn't even get up to talk to my friends who had come and surprised me. I have been throwing up this awful green stuff that burns like hell and makes me want to die. Luckily, that has stopped as of recent. I was on tylox (oxycodone w/ acetaminophen) which did not adequately control my pain. After I ran out I was on Lortab 7.5 every 3 hours (max daily dose) and between the two of these I was getting these AWFUL headaches--and no I don't have a history of headaches. These were the worst I've ever had in my life. Since opiates can sometimes actually cause headaches, I switched over to plain tylenol this morning and the headaches aren't AS bad, but they are still there. I have been drinking plenty, but I am not eating real well. Some days I manage to eat pretty well but today has been bad. Anyway, as far as the sleep goes, I haven't slept well since the surgery. Probably because I nap all day and so I'm not real sleepy at night. And since I am drinking so much, I am constantly up using the bathroom.

As far as the scabs go, I looked in the back of my mouth for the first time yesterday and I still have white spots on each side. Should these not be gone by now? Ear pain and throat pain have somewhat subsided as far as intensity goes but the headache is the worst part right now.

I really had hoped to be better by now but I guess I'll just have to enjoy Christmas in this awful state. If anyone else is in pain and would like to share, go for it.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas (or whatever you might celebrate) and wish everyone a speedy and better recovery than what I am having!

Daisy =)


Hi Everyone,


I made it through!! My surgery was at 7:30am yesterday so I've almost hit the 24hr mark. Overall I feel OK. No real pain yet, accept for swallowing... i have to admit, it's a Little worse than I thought, but manageable.. I have not been drinking like I plan to, but I'm working on it..I have been taking my Lortab every 4hrs so I haven't been in any real pain yet. I do have a nagging gross sounding cough... did anyone else deal with a deep Fleming cough?? I did vomit a few times since the surgery... once on the way home and twice since I've been home... I think it was mainly due to the nausea b/c i didn't began my Zofran yet.... Ill start that as well as my steroid and antibiotic today.. I haven't eaten a thing since the surgery... The nurses didn't even offer me anything when I woke... I was a bit suprise. I'm very hungry now so I'm planning on eating something -prob applesauce- in the morning before my meds... although I'm craving raisin bread..

That's really all I have to report for now.... any tips or advice will be much appreciated!!

Enjoy your day and stay tuned....


Hi Noah and All,

Glad to hear you made it through the surgery...I think that was the worst part. The cough thing is annoying as all hell, try not to clear your throat hard (you dont want any scabs coming off or bleeding)! The cough drops helped me alot with that which 11 days post op I still have the cough. Try using a humidifier all the time, especially when sleeping. Drink as much as you possibly can and eat alot of ice(helps with sweeling)...more hydration reduces pain. Sleep upright and keep everything u need a box or plastic container in bed with you, so you dont have to go searching for stuff!

Today Ive started to feel like im swallowing the scabs and have a bloody taste(disgusting) I think the scabs are coming off. Fever finally went away thank God!

Good Luck

Happy Holidays!


Hi All,

So I'm 2 days post op and feel pretty good. Sleeping hasnt been normal, but its ok.. Cant really say Ive been in much pain... i have really been on time with my meds - every 4hrs. My doc said i could take 2 Lortab pills but i have only been taking 1 since I got home.. so we'l lsee if I can stick to that.. Still drinking as much as I can, but it burns, but I know how important that is.. im pretty hungry havent been eating as much as I should b/c im afraid of of the bleeding aspect.. ( I did have 2 pieces of rasin bread -- it went down ok actually) My mom just got back from the supermarket so i have mac and chesse and other goodies... today im going to try and have soft eggs and the mac and cheese. My cough has gotten better... as a matter of fact ever since I woke up today I havent had a cough at all.. so hopefully that has passed..

Katrina - Is today ur first post op visit? If so, would love to know how that went as you sound like u have really been on the ball with your recovery.

Stay tuned...


Hey everyone,

I'm now on Day 13. I realized my last post sounded awful and would have scared anyone away from getting a tonsillectomy. I think I was just having a bad moment. Santa was really good to me this year and I woke up Christmas morning feeling like a brand new person. Apparently it was the medicine giving me headaches (go figure...) so after I discontinued everything I was fine. Funny how I went from taking Lortab 8 times a day, to not taking it at all. The only thing I'm working on is getting energy back so I'm downing carbs like it's my job and it has worked well. I can pretty much eat anything now except for spicy and acidic. White stuff is completely gone on one side and still working on coming off the other side. I was lucky and didn't notice swallowing it and didn't bleed at all.

Quick tips and advice, that others have also mentioned:

*drink lots and lots--my mucous tasted really gross (i know that is awful, sorry!) and so water didn't do it for me. i always drank gatorade and it went down well, especially with a straw.
*don't miss your meds!!! you will surely pay for it in the morning...after a week or so, don't be afraid to start cutting down, otherwise you'll be experiencing side effects more than actual pain relief like me
*if you do "mess up" by eating something spicy or acidic, popsicles always fixed it right up. i went through a 48 count box of popsicles in a week..they were my best friend.
*don't stay can always eat mashed potatoes or mac&cheese, plain bread, crackers, etc. if you chew it up properly, it's not going to have a rough edge when it goes down. i started eating potato chips after 3 days and it went down fine--just chew reallllllly good
*ice cream feels good but creates a lot of mucous, popsicles don't
*i didn't have a humidifier, but wish i had..i think it would have helped a lot
*don't talk if you don't need to!! it strains your throat and feels worse. text messaging will also be your best friend
*most importantly, take full advantage of your situation and make your family do everything for you :-D

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and wishing you all a speedy recovery :-)



Hi All,

I went for my post op visit on Wednesday the 26...had the surgery on the 14th. I've had no bledding and really not any pain unless I did something stupid like NOT use my humdifier the one night LOL.

I stopped completely taking the Vicodin on day 7. Dont cut yourself off cold turkey....start extending the amount of time you go without the mediciation!! Alot of doctors dont tell you that cutting yourself off cold turkey is not exactly a pleasent experience, espcially if you have been on the drug for over a week. Read the medication packaging tells you on there not do it suddenly but to decrease.

My visit to my doctor went well and I do not have to see him again unless I develope a problem. He looked in my throat and in my nose...that was it. He told me that when he "clamped" the tonsil to begin extracting it TONS of puss apperantly came out and my pathology report was just disgusting. Im glad these things are gone. My nose is healing well and no issues with that either. My ENT did say that yawning will continue to cause pain for some time as it strecthes the throat muscles. I still have the white scabs so I need to continue to monitor for bleeding. Oh, before I thought I was swallowing scabs....My ENT said it was dried up mucous....even more disgusting but apperantly thats what Ive been feeling go down.

NYCDRIVE I found that eating an hour after I took my medication worked the best, still felt funny but no real pain. Also, food and drinks are an hour by hour thing I found. You have to eat so the scabs dont build up too thick! One minute something will be soothing to your throat two hours later when you try to drink the same thing it it burns. Its a very strange thing but happens apperantly. Try to have a variety of things you can eat and drink. Try the food and drink cold or warm. My first 3 days I LOVED cold water starting day four I have not been able to tolerate any cold liquids. Go figure....experiment and see what works best for you. It gets really frustrating at times but you have to do it.

Updates to Continue....