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Hi Everyone,

I had my tonsillectomy on Monday and it is now Thursday... overall i feel good except for a nagging disgusting cough that I cant shake... I feel it even in my chest... I don't know what is causing it, but it's horrible... by far the worst part so far... haven't really been in any real pain... just this cough. My fear is b/c i keep coughing the scabs will come off and I will bleed. I'm praying that doesn't happen... I'm so concerned that even put a call into my doc and haven't heard from him yet. Once I get him on the phone I'm also going to request a refill of Loratab (pain med) I'm OK now, but as the weekend approaches i want to be prepared as I'm sure to run out by Monday and I dint want to be stuck..

Has anyone had to deal with an AWFUL cough during their recovery? Also, did your docs give you any issue about refilling Ur pain meds... I'm thinking that maybe my insurance might say it's to soon... if that's the case, ill ask my doc for percopot (sp) i hear that one is pretty good...

Hope you're all doing well.

PS - Is ENSURE considered dairy?? i picked up some b/c they contain vitamins and minerals.. but i dont want to make my cough worse with mucous..


Glad to hear your surgery went well and you're doing ok. I drank boost shakes after my surgery for a few days and wondered the same thing -- I did not have any problems with mucus after drinking it. I just made sure I drand TONS of water afterward to wash it down. The dairy can coat the throat but washing it down with water seemed to be the best way to prevent any kind of "coating" back there. So go ahead and drink them, just be sure to drink lots of water. I know it is hard but if you can get down at least 8-10 glasses of water or more everyday I think your mucus should thin out. The more hydrated you are, the more hydrated the mucus will become -- ie much thinner and easier to manage. (I'm a nurse, anytime you have a chest cold the same holds true) Are you a smoker? If you are it is probably b/c of that. Once you stop smoking everything loosens up and comes up and out. If you're not a smoker, you might have a chest cold or something like that. Do you have reflux? That's another reason you could be coughing due to that and/or post-nasal drip. If you develop a fever be sure to talk to your doctor about it as they might want to check a chest xray to make sure you don't have pneumonia.

I'm sure it will pass and you will be fine. Hang in there, keep the humidifier on and drink, drink, drink water all the time! Within another wek or so you will feel so much better and the worst will be behind you. Someone mentioned drinking gatorade through a straw -- my doctor said absolutely NO straws at anytime post op.

Good luck and glad to hear you're doing well. Oh yeah, I'm sure your doctor will be cool about refills for the lortab, mine gave me 2 refills in addition to the percocet. I ended up filling the third bottle of lortab but only took one or two doses from it. The percocet worked better for me toward the tail-end of my recovery as the pain was less intense at that point. The liquid lortab kicked in so quickly (within 10 minutes) but it took longer to really feel the relief from the percocet. I stopped the lortab and percocet by day 10 or so and took tylenol from then on out.

FYI - don't try to eat bananas until your throat is fully healed. It burns :-S really badly for some reason and it was at least three weeks out when I could eat them again. I think I was able to eat mild-moderate salsa and chips before I could eat bananas with comfort!


Thanks for the info Abbey! I am NOT a somker at all. I think I may actually have a little cold (i have a little congestion too), but thank the good Lord, I dont have a fever. called my doc and he told me to just pick up some OTC Robotson which seems to work for now... we'll see. But other than the cough, I feel good.. not great but good. i feel run down and lazy... im a very active guy so this feels a bit weird, but im being smart by taking an easy and letting my body and mind recover as it should.. cant really see back in my throat as many of u seem to be able to do... mine is just really sore. i do feel a little tingle back there as something maybe hanging... not sure.. so ill have to keep in eye.. i am going on DAY 4 post op already... staying on top of my meds and staying hydrated -- which really does seem to be KEY.

Stay tuned... hope everyone is enjoying their holiday and feeling well.


Hi AbbeyD,

I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that happened too. I thought I was going to die it hurt so bad...I never thought a piece of fruit would cause such a reaction. I havent tried to eat another since that happened and dont think I will for a LONG time!

On a better note I was finally able to sleep last night laying down completely for the whole night. Thank God because sleeping straight up for almost 2 weeks sucks. So YAY!




Another day and all is good! My doc called in a refill of Lortab so i should be good for the weekend... btw i have been swallowing the HUGE pills and not the liquid... i noticed that the majority of people have the liquid form.. Ive been getting them down ok so far...

I almost forgot that i have a bottle of Zofran that i haven't touched yet. I asked my doc for an anit nausea med after reading the post, but i really haven't really needed to use it yet... should i be taking one a day just to take it? After surgery the nurses did give me Zofran in my IV but i haven't use it since then... will it help my recovery in any other way side from Nausea?

My mother came up to be with me for the week to look after me... she is scheduled to leave tomorrow night. I think i will be fine and told her to keep her schedule fight although she ask if id like her to stay longer... i really think ill be fine... If you remember i did have my reservations abouther coming as I like to be alone when I'm not well... but I'm really grateful and appreciative that she did come...I'm really fortunate, i know.. when did u guys/ladies have people stop looking after you? today i plan on eating alot...

Talk soon..


Hey guys. Today is the start of day 3 after my tonsillectomy. I am almost nervous because I haven't hardly had any pain. Eating soft foods and drinking has not been a problem for me at all yet!

I do have the nasty black and white scabs in my throat already. I'm scared the pain will start when they finally release themselves, thereby creating open sores in my throat again. Did you all experience a lot of pain when your first set of scabs came off?


Hey Kim I think we had ours out on the same day.

Today is day 5 for me. It was a bit more painful than the other days, but overall it hasn't been as bad as I thought. The worst parts are about half an hour before my next dose of pain meds. After that It's honky dory.

It's helped taking my meds on schedule rather than waiting for it to hurt. I've also had some of that legendary ear pain, but even that hasn't been too horrible. I have some Similisan ear drops that do wonders for that pain. Also have some Hurricaine relief spray for my throat. Numbs it up for a bit and that helps immensely.

My biggest issue is just overall feeling like c**p. I've been running a low grade fever on and off since Day 1. Hot and cold flashes suck. I get a bit queasy when I stand up to go pee, but I spend most of the day in bed. I also feel like I've got something in the back of my throat that needs to be swallowed, but it doesn't happen. Maybe a scab? If it was a scab then, kim, it didn't hurt but actually felt infinitely better. I looked in the back of my throat and there was some blood there instead of the white scab so maybe it did come off. If it did it was probably too early since the white scabs are back on that side again *sigh*

Also I did have a cough post op as well. Really phlegmy. I've been coughing up junk (well coughing it up then swallowing it since I can't really hack anything at the moment). It's gotten better everyday though. I can feel it really clearing up. I wonder if its blood and stuff I mightve breathed in during the procedure.

I've been eating but probably not enough. I eat popcicles, applesauce, sherbet and now pudding. Pudding it what I usually grind up the Vicodin in and eat it with. I also eat mashed potatoes with chicken brother. Mix it up and its like a potato soup. It's not too bad.

I'm missing real food though. I'm craving a burger and fries like theres no tomorrow.

Hope you're doing well, kim!


Hi everyone!

I've been reading this discussion board for a month or so prior to my surgery (@ 9:30 am today) and I wanted to post my own experience(s) with this. Since this is the first day, I'll update this post as time goes on.

So far, the pain was very slight for the first 3 hours after I awoke, but the medicine started to wear off, and the 2 hours prior to the next dose consisted of me dozing in and out of sleep and whining like a little girl whenever I swallowed (I'm a 25 yo Male). I'm on liquid hydrocodone (1-2 TBS every 4-6 hours), along with liquid amoxicillin (2 tsp, 2x day). The Dr gave me some suppositories to combat the nausea, but there's a very small chance I'll be shoving those things up my bum... I'd rather be nauseous.

My uvula is freakin’ huge, and is causing some problems with swallowing right now. If I breathe through my mouth I can feel it flap a little, which is kind of freaky and gross. In terms of pain, right after the surgery I was in maybe a 3 out of 10, which slowly increased to about a 7 as the medicine wore off, and I just had my second dose and it’s going down to maybe a 5 or 6, unless I swallow, in which case it shoots up to a 8 or so.

The medicine has been making me pretty drowsy, and I’ve been drooling a little both when I try and sleep and when I try and spit/drool into my bucket. I’ve been trying to drink as much as possible, but I can only manage a sip or two everyone 15-20 minutes, and a good third of it ends up in the bucket and not down my throat.

***Day 2***
It's now about 28 hours after my surgery, and I've developed white and black scabby things on my throat, which is really, really gross. My ulvula is so big it kept me up most of last night because it was blocking half my wind pipe (it slid down the back of my throat). I've found I can swallow with little pain (2-3 out of 10) between 30 mins and 1.5 hours after my dose of medicine, and about an hour or so before the next dose the swallowing starts to hurt again (7-8 out of 10).

I'm very, very sore all over, I think from a combination of not eating more than 200 calories in the past day, and having to sit in one spot for hours on end. I feel like my body was been completely beat up, my legs, arms, chest/ribs, and neck are all stiff, weak, and sore. I can barely sit up by myself because of my stomache muscles being weak and sore.

I can feel a little scabby patch in the back of my throat (in addition to my swollen uvula) and it's pretty gross. Last night around 2am I hocked up what looked like a small bloody scab (~1.5 cm x .5 cm), but my throat didn't bleed much after that. This morning around 6am I had maybe 5 minutes where I was spitting up some blood, but that stopped soon after.

I've been eating ice chips, water, and Target brand slim fast drinks (which are actually more nutricious than the 'ensure' brand drinks, believe it or not). In a moment of weakness and stupidity I attempted to swallow a very small bit of raspberry fig newton. Needless to say, the gummy fruit and seeds did not go down as expected, and I spent the next 30 minutes swishing water around my mouth to clear it out.

***Later on Day 2***
6:30pm: I ate a (cold) scrambled egg!!!
8:00pm: Cold, overcooked mac and cheese went down fine
9:00pm: Yogurt dessert went down fine
10:50pm: Chewing on some gum.

Still incredibly sore, almost to the point of not being able to stand up out of a chair.

***Day 3***
Holy c**p, my throat freakin' HURTS! The medicine seems to only work for about an hour and a half now, so I've been cheating and taking 1 TBS after 3 hours instead of 1-2 TBS every 4 hours. I'm sending the wife to get some cough drops and throat spray, along with the refill of my Hydrocodone. I'm a little worried about the alcoholic(?) throat spray and how it will feel on my open wound, but I'm willing to try anything at this point.
Last night was pretty bad, with a lot of hacking up and spitting, and I got a bloody nose a couple of times throughout the night. Apparently I'm not supposed to 'blow' my nose, so I have to resort to waiting for the nose bleeding to stop on its own (which is usually pretty fast). Also a little tip: don't try and pour yourself a dose of liquid pain medicine in the dark, on your side, when you're sick and tired. I ended up getting a good TBS or two all over myself and the couch. I was less concerned about me being sticky than I was that I lost a good dose or two of pain meds.

My voice has been going in and out depending on how far from the last pain medicine dose I am. Sometimes I can mumble pretty well, but sometimes I can only grunt and point, which my wife finds quite funny for some horribly mean reason.

I still can barely walk, and I can't really lift myself out of a chair or sofa without help... my stomach area feels like I did 500 crunches, and I can't lift my legs/feet higher than about 4" off the ground when I try to walk. I have a feeling I'm not going to be eating mac and cheese today... but we'll see. I've also been peeing like crazy, probably because of the 4+ liters of water I've been drinking throughout the day. It's not even like I'm *going* to the bathroom, I just kind of sit down on the toilet and leak and leak and leak (gross, I know...)

I was able to eat Yogurt this morning with not much trouble, and I just finished a bowl of cold-ish mac and cheese (4:30pm). Then came a little more mac and cheese and a Scooby-Doo Push-Up Pop for dessert (hooray!).

The pharmacist at Walgreens shot down the idea of the cough drops and throat spray, so I'm stuck with the regular pain meds. The Hydrocodon also seems to make me dizzy/sleepy if I have 2 TBS worth, and makes my eyes start to cross when I'm trying to type. I think I'll blame all of my typos of the medication.

I've been feeling a little itchy all over my body; I don't know if this is just because of sitting around all day, or a side effect of the Hydrocodon. My goal tonight is to take a nice hot bath without drowning... wish me luck!

***Later on Day 3***
Operation 'Take a bath without drowning' was a success, and I feel a lot better. I'm getting a little stronger, though I still have trouble moving my legs (maybe this weakness is a side effect of the anethesia still?)

The pain has started to get worse and travel to my ears, which I know was a potential side effect of the surgery. I'm not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight, as I'm sure my pain meds will be maxed out (8 TBS per day) before I'm able to 'restart' the medication clock. I've been trying to keep it to 1 TBS every 4 hours, but sometimes I break and either take the max dose (2 TBS) a couple times each day, or take the normal dost little earlier than usual. Hopefully the pain will plateau, if not decrease, in the next couple days, but I'm pretty sure it's going to get worse before it gets better.

When the medication starts to run out (hours 3 & 4) I sometimes start getting chills, which is a little disconcerning... We'll see how tonight goes, and maybe I can start extending the time between doses in the next day or two...

***Day 4, morning***
Holy c**p my throat hurts!!! Screw extending my time between doses. My throat hurt on and off all night, really really badly at some points. The pain definitely is going into my ears now, and I was sweating off and on last night despite having the window behind me open (in New York, in winter). I usually run a very low temperature (96ish), so when my temp was 98.3 late last night, I knew I had a slight fever.

I was able to keep up the meds every 4 hours overnight, but again it feels like they only work well for a couple of hours before the effects go away. I've developed a cute puppydog whimper/face when I look at my medications and it's not time to take them, but so far this has not been effective on my wife, who controls the doses. Operation 'puppydog face' has been a complete failure in terms of convincing her to let me take my meds a little early. Today's picture (see below) doesn't look a whole lot different from yesterday's. Well, my eyes are starting to cross again, so I think I'll take a quick nap.

***Day 4, evening***
My legs are definitely stronger, and I can actually walk around now without too much pain (not counting my throat). I've realized that it's about 45 minutes after I take my meds that I can swallow without much pain, and after about 1.5 hours from when I take them I start getting sleepy/dizzy, which lasts about an hour until the pain starts coming back. Fun fun fun.

***Day 5, Morning***
The Dr was right, the pain hit a plateau around day 4, and has been pretty bad since then. I was able to get some sleep last night, but I think it's more from being exhausted, than from the medicine working. I've been getting maybe 3 hours of sleep a night, and apparently I've been snoring loud enough to mimic the sound of a car try to drive out of a snowbank (I don't know... ask my wife). I've also been getting substantially more 'itchy' with each dose of medicine, which is a known side effect.

My wife is calling the doctor today to see if he can either refill the perscription (which will run out tonight), or switch me to something that works better/longer. My tonsil holes have started to get little black scabby things (see picture), which is only slightly more gross than the white/yellow gunk on them now. I'm NOT looking forward to the scabs coming off in another week or two... yuck. Only another hour until my next dose of pain killers...

***Day 5, Evening***
Ow. Though my throat is killing me, I managed to swallow some mashed potatoes, gravy, bleu cheese dressing, and mac and cheese (all mixed together... don't judge me). It was the best meal I've had all week. I also snuck a small bit of my wife's chicken fingers, and made sure to munch that sucker down into a mushy-goo before attempting to swallow it. I'm craving a combination of burger-pizza-chinese food, but I don't see that materializing anytime soon.

***Day 6, Morning***
I think I slept better than I have in the past, even though my throat hurts as much as it ever has. This morning my throat was pretty sore, to the point where I could barely talk. It definitely hurts more to swallow now that in the past week.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we got a refill on the original prescription (liquid Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen) again, but I guess there was no other medicine they could give me that works better, so I'm stuck with the 2 hours of relief/2 hours of pain.

I was able to swallow a bowl of mac and cheese and gravy (don't knock it until you try it), before the pain came back. Now I'm getting a slight head/neckache, so I think I'll lay down and take a nap.

***Day 6, Evening***
Well, it took me 45 minutes, a dose of medicine, and 2 bottles of water, but I was able to eat *real* food! 2 slices of cheese pizza (minus the crusts), and 3 small motz. sticks, with raspberry sauce. Now my stomach is feeling a little 'full', probably since this is about as much food as I've eaten in the past week, but it was totally worth it. This food might have also helped get a little of the gunk off the back of my throat (compare Day 6's Morning/Evening pictures). The medicine is kicking in, and making me a little sleepy, so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

***Day 7, Early, Early Morning***
Oh SNAP! OK so that white gunk in the back of my throat is a good thing. How do I know? Because when I hocked up a nasty phlemball this morning (~5AM), a small patch of the white gunk came off my right tonsil-hole, and now that spot hurts like a beyotch!!! I'm sorry protective white puss-gunk, please come back to me!!! Ugh, another hour until it's time for another dose of meds... this sucks...

***Day 7, Morning***
OWWW!!! Ok so apparently the white gunk got together and was like "Hey, how about we all slowly fall off Kelly's throat, so he feels like he wants to gag all the time, is totally grossed out, and then when we DO fall off, where we were will hurt like a m-f." 8 mins to pain meds...

***Day 7, Evening***
I had 1 slice of crust-less Pizza for lunch... which took a LONG time to eat. I ended up peeling off the hard crust on the bottom too, so it was like a folded bread and cheese roll.
Not much else to update on, just that I've been coughing up small pieces of phlem/scab throughout the day, which is uber-gross. My throat hurts a lot wherever the scabs seem to come off, like it's 'raw' or something (which I guess makes sense). I had mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner... exciting...

***Day 8, Morning***
I posted three pictures for this time period, because something amazing, and ultra gross, occured while I was lying on the couch! The first picture is my regular, scabby tonsils around 8am (Day 8A Morning), the second picture is my tonsils a short while later around 10am (Day 8B Morning), and the third picture is what's missing between the two... namely a big (1" x .5" x.25") scab that I took a picture of in my sink. It felt like I had a little phlem in my throat so I tried to gently clear it out, when all of a sudden... *BLARB-PLOP!!* (I don't know what sound a scab coming off makes, but I assume *blarb-plop* is pretty close). I almost threw up from the disgustingness of it, but managed to snap some photos for you, my wonderful readers. Now, however, my throat feels a little better on the left side (right side in the picture)... So yay?

***Day 8, Evening***
So I'm on my last bottle of Hydrocodone, which will probably last a day and a half, maybe 2 using the average-dose. That makes me sad, because my throat still hurts, and I don't see it magically clearing up in 2 days. The doctor also gave me a Rx for Prednisolone, which I guess is a steroid that reduces swelling (and hopefully pain) in the throat. That should last about 4-5 days.

Tonight I definitely thought I was going to die. What was left of the scab on my right side was flopping down on the back of my tounge and making me gag. I couldn't scrap it out with a spoon (oh how I tried...) and eventually it stopped making me gag, but I can still feel it back there... GROSS!!! Hopefully the scabs plop off in the next day or two. I was able to eat some chocolate (no nuts/chunks) tonight, which was great. It was a nice change from my usual yogurt/fake slim fast drink combination. Pizza was still the top in terms of this week's food, however.

***Day 9, Evening***

So I forgot to take a morning picture... sue me. Anyway, I have had a scab of my right side (left side in the picture) bothering me all day. That mofo has been gagging me and tickling my throat... ALL DAY!!! So anyway, after I took the picture I got an idea. WARNING: Grossness follows:
So my wife has these eyebrow tweezers, they are easy to use and have a nice rounded grasping tip on them. I've read previous posts of people scraping the scabs that were falling off with spoons and such, and that just makes me gag thinking about it. So I used the tweezers (washed/cleaned first) to gently pull out the scab pieces that were starting to fall off and gag me. So I have a pre-scab pull off picture of my throat, a picture of the scab(s) in the sink that came off (with a dime in the photo for size reference this time), and a post-scab picture of my throat. The right side of my throat feels a little raw where the scabs came off, but more of a 'tenderness' than a 'holy c**p I shouldn't have done that' pain. I assume when I wake up tomorrow there will be more scab that has grow back, but hopefully it'll be not as thick and disgusting.

I've been drinking probably 6+ half-liter bottles of water per day (3+ liters total), and my... umm... 'BM' ability... came back a few days ago following a couple hours of stomach cramps and a dose of dulcolax.

OHHH I almost forgot, those steroids the doctor gave me work great! I was able to eat Chinese food tonight and it was WONDERFUL!!! Nothing spicy or 'dangerous', just mild General Tso's chicken, rice, and an eggroll. Lots of water and chewing was involved, but there were almost no pain!!! Hooray! Other than that I've been drinking 1 or 2 of those fake-Ensure drinks as my other 'meals', plus maybe a cup or two of low fat yogurt, a scooby-doo push up pop, and some chocolate (!!!) throughout the day. Not counting today with the chinese food or the other day with the pizza, the total calorie intake has probably hovered about 1500 each day, about 1000 less than normal (Don't judge... I'm a tall/big guy...and fat)

***Day 10***
Ok, so I'm really posting this on day 11 because I got lazy. So where did I leave off? Ahh yes, my right scab had been poked at and partially removed with tweezers, but there was still some of it left. Well, overnight the rest of the main scab came off, and my throat looks SOO much better. However, there's still a little scab flap that's hanging in the back of my throat which is bothering me, but I can't get at it... yet. Where the scab came off is a little sore(er), almost a raw feeling, but the other side that lost the scab a couple days ago feels fine, so I'm not too worried about it.

I was able to finish my Chinese food for lunch, but went back to yogurt and ensure shakes for the dinner just because my throat was a little extra sore, probably from talking more than ususal today.

***Day 11***
That flap of scab in the back of my throat is still there, I can't wait for it to come out, my throat still looks pretty good, though the white stuff is starting to come back. But this time it's much, much less nasty and not as thick as before, so yay! I've slowly been cutting back on the Hydrocodone, and I'm down the about 2 doses per day, plus maybe one more right before bed if my throat is hurting. The liquid amoxicillin was finished yesterday, and I have to say that out of the three liquid medicines (Hydrocodone, Amoxicillin, and Prednisolone (steriod)), the Amoxicillin was the best tasting, like pepto-bismol almost. The Prednisolone is nasty, an ultra cherry medicine flavor that stays in your mouth for a while, and the Hydrocodone is in the middle in terms of taste.

I've been getting a little acid reflux the past couple days, maybe because of the 'real' food I've been eating, or maybe because of the Prednisolone, but either way it's not making me happy. I'm able to sleep through the night now, which is a nice change from the 'stay up until 2, sleep until 4, up until 9, sleep until noon' schedule I had slipped into. As school starts up late next week, it's probably a good thing I'm getting back into a normal sleep schedule.

Tonight we're having some friends over to play Wii and they're bringing a pizza, so wish me luck!

***Day 12***
So today was uneventful, a little bit of pain, but the liquid steroid seems to help and I've been able to stop using the Hydrocodone. There's still that one last scab on the right that just won't go away... but eventually it will.

***Day 13***
Again, another uneventful day. One final day of the steroid and I won't have to choke down anymore horrible tasting medicine. Again, that last scab is still there. My throat doesn't look too much different as it had the past few days, so I think I'll stop with the pictures and updates until I see a change or something interesting happens.

I'm taken pictures of my throat as I recover, the links are below ( :!: WARNING: they are gross!).
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4 (Morning):
Day 4 (Evening):
Day 5 (Morning):
Day 5 (Evening):
Day 6 (Morning):
Day 6 (Evening):
Day 7 (Morning):
Day 7 (Evening):
Day 8A (Morning Pre-Scab-Loss):
Day 8B (Morning, Post-Scab-Loss)
Day 8C (Morning, Bathroom Sink, The Scab):
Day 8 (Evening):
Day 9A (Evening Pre-2nd-Scab-Loss):
Day 9B (Evening, Post-2nd-Scab-Loss)
Day 9C (Evening, Bathroom Sink, The 2nd Scab(s)):
Day 10 (Late Morning):
Day 10 (Evening):
Day 11 (Evening):
Day 12 (Afternoon):
Day 13 (Evening):

I’ll post more as I recover.


Hey everyone...I'm a 20 year old female that just had mine out on Thursday. It's been way better than I thought even though it's supposed to get worse from here on out. I haven't had any problems drinking or eating so far. I've been drinking a few glasses of water each day so far and mostly eating mac and cheese and pudding. My uvula is extremely swollen so it feels really weird when I swathellow but it's overly painful. I've been taking the pain medication in hopes that next few days won't be that bad, but I would be fine without it. I can't really talk, but that's about the only problem I've had. Should I expect it to get a lot worse?


Hi everyone :-)

I also had my tonsils out Thursdau (1/04/08), and I have to admit, I thought it was going to be MUCH worse than it has been. That scares me slightly that I'm going to hit a brick wall hard in the next few days. My ENT was really good, and loaded me up on steroids before he even started the procedure, and sent me home with 6 days of methylprednisonlone which I am hoping has helped immensely with the swelling. I'm also on Amoxycillian and Percocet, so really the only time I'm in pain is about an hour before my next scheduled dose, and I've only been taking 1 every 4 hours instead of the 2 that I'm allowed. And trust me in saying that it's a pain in the ass to take your meds every 4 hours, but IT HELPS!! Even if you have to wake up. I also have Chloraseptic throat spray which is a wonderful temporary relief, and cough drops. I've been sleeping with a humidifier at night and naptime, which has helped I think. I've been drinking alot of water, today i had roughly 119 ounces. I've been eating solid foods since yesterday, too, even though I wasn't supposed to, but I was starving.
My body felt like a truck hit it all Thursday, Friday, and half of today, and it now feels a little better. My surgeon warned me of painful scabbing and referred ear pain in and around Day 5, so I guess that's what I have to look forward to. I keep trying to look in my mouth to see if I have any scabs or white spots, and I just don't see any. It could be poor lighting or swelling or something..

Honestly, so far, it hasn't been too bad, but it may be too early to tell. Best advice I can give is STAY on top of things!! Take your pain meds regularly, and not when needed and force the water down if you have to.
I'll keep everyone updated, I hope I didn't jinkx myself :$



Reading all these blogs and getting pretty weirded out. Any adult, adults (like over 40) had an adenoidectomy?


Hi All--
I am over 50 and just had my tonsils out before Christmas. I'm a teacher and took a couple of extra days off before our break--good thing, as I'm now 16 days after surgery and feeling like I got beat up in a gang fight! The first two days after the surgery I didn't even have much pain and so, of course, I thought I was going to sail right through this. Ha! On Day Three I got the big whammy smack down and if it weren't for the Vicodin and that Lidocain gargle, I would have been in a world of hurt. The worst part came when the scabby things started to fall off and choke me. Not funny. Then the ear pain set in and stayed with me for many days. My tongue seemed to be swollen about twice its normal size as well. I finally called the doctor who gave me some liquid steroids (don't normally like to take these, but found I was desperate for relief) and they worked fast. So now I'm just in kind of a weakend state and wishing to feel normal again. I'm not much of a languisher, so this is extremely difficult for me. I can, however, tell a big difference since the tonsils are gone and I know down the road I'll be glad I did this. Good luck to any of you out there experiencing this same dilemma.


Hey all,
I had my tonsils out on Thursday as well, sounds like 01/04/08 was a big tonsillectomy day! haha
I'm really nervous about having an infection; the more I read, the more I feel like I have one. Has anyone else had an infection? My swelling has increased allot, I wake up drenched in sweat and I have large white patches all over the back of my throat. I don't know if this is normal or if it might be thrush?
Besides all that, things have been going alright. Allot of the fluids I drink end up coming out my nose, I haven't had a BM in what seems like forever, I get very itchy from time to time and I cant get rid of this horrid taste in the back of my throat.

A few suggestions:
Vitamin water on ice was AMAZING because it has more flavor than water, but isn't too sweet so it wont hurt your throat. Also has good vitamins in it! haha
I consistently have taken Milk of Magnesia since my surgery, which is yet to be successful unfortunately, but I can only imagine how worse off I would be if I hadn't taken it at all.
Icing my throat helps allot too, especially if I am trying to go to sleep because it lowers the swelling, allowing me to breathe easier.
If you've had a hard time eating solid food, try eating over cooked elbow macaroni. They slide down my throat pretty easily and they are one of the only foods that make my stomach feel better after taking my pain meds.

My mother has decided its time for me to cut back on my pain meds, and I'm trying to weight the consequences; when I don't take the full dose, I have more pain, a harder time talking and a harder time eating, however, when I do take the full dose, i can usually eat a decent amount but i feel completely groggy and out of it. Any advise?




Don't do it! Keep the medications coming. I'd much rather be groggy and out of it, but with little pain, than be clear, alert, and hurting like hell. Seriously, use all the medication that the doctor Rx's to you, you've earned it.

As far as the 'infection', take a look at my photos in the post a few before yours. Mine isn't infected, but has that white stuff all over it, too. It's completely normal, so are yellow/gray/black scabby puss things, in addition to white.


hello everyone, im on my 5th day post op and its not as bad as ithought it was going to be.i spent a long time worrying myself sick about the recovery and looking up the internet reading horror stories, and to be honest, its not as bad as people make it out to be. I have followed the doctors and nurses advice and i havnt missed a dose of a painkiller, this makes it much easier to drink and eat. i drink about 3 litres of water a day and i am eating as normal. the only time i experience severe pain is first thing in the morning. I do think this will be worth it in the end because i experienced severe recurrent tonsilitis and was on 15 doses of augmentan since april of this year. to me, the pain is slightly worse than what i experienced with tonsillitis but i do not have a fever and its not that bad. the only thing i was wondering, does anyone know when this white stuff at the back of the throat will eventually clear up?