We all know about the antiseptic properties of alcohol. In addition to this, it also has pollutants removing, pore cleansing and shrinking and oil absorbing effect that makes it an ideal one step cleanser and toner. It is also considered to be helpful in healing acne.Remember to use colorless one. Rubbing alcohol, Vodka or Gin are good options.  I personally use Gin every evening after washing my face and witness dirt and makeup residue on the cotton ball that my face-wash had left out.  People with sensitive skin should avoid using rubbing alcohol because it can cause dryness and peeling. Since rubbing alcohol is drying, correction Very Drying, it must be followed up by a good moisturizer afterwards even if your face is very oily. Or else, your face will get confused and secrete even more oil. It could even be diluted if you feel using it directly on your skin is irritating it. I recommend using it in the evening only to remove all the impurities your skin collected. Use a gentle cleanser in the morning.  To create a homemade astringent, rubbing alcohol can be mixed with tea tree oil or clove oil for better results. You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any home remedy for acne.