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what causes your panceras to become enlarged?


There are a few causes that could make your pancreas enlarged.

First of all, this is due to either acute or chronic pancreatitis ie inflammation of the pancreas. You would know if you had pancreatitis because the symptoms are pretty distinct or lets better say severe. Inflammation of the pancreas may result from prolonged excessive alcohol intake, certain drugs, gallbladder disease, high levels of fats, but there could be no known reasons as well.

Cysts may form on pancreas and cause it to become enlarged. They are called cystadenoma and are usually benign although in some cases may turn into cancer. They are usually removed to check for cancerous cells. These cysts can be discovered by a CT scan.

Pancreatic ducts may become blocked and lead to pancreas enlargement but to figure out what is going on, further testing is essential.