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Hello! I would like to learn something new. Given that only begins to study medicine interested me the next area. What can be alopecia areata ophiasis pattern? Also I would like to know main cause for this disease. It would be nice to hear other opinion about this. Thanks for your involvement for this theme.


Hello there val1954,

Congratulations for studying such a noble and hard faculty. Regarding your question, unfortunately I know the answer because my sister in law has been diagnosed with alopecia areata ophiasis. This is autoimmune disorder and unfortunately there is no cure. There is no cure because the scientists don’t know the cause of this condition.

Moreover, autoimmune disorder means that your body starts to fight against you because it thinks that attacks invaders such as bacteria and virus. This results in baldness. And unfortunately this condition very often affects woman. Sometimes only part of the hair falls off but in more severe cases and other body hair falls off, such as eyelashes and eyebrows.

I hope this satisfy your curiosity.