hello i am 13 years of age i have had some trouble foe quict a while now 1. sore top belly 2. sore through 3. head aches all the time 4. always tried even after i have sleep for a bit 5. always feel like i have just ran 1,000km 6. runny noise all the time 7. always shacking 8. always feel like i need to vomit 9. don't eat much 10. itchy skin 11. get ear aches 12. can't forces 13. mouth dry even after i dink lots of water 14. random chest pains on both sides 15. get pins and needles all the time 16. itchy eyes 17. fuzzy eyes some times 18. bad danjeffes 19. sore jaw 20. have trouble breathing sometimes so dose any one have any idea what is wrong with me i am going to the doctors next week but i just need some idea of what is going on with me so i can ask my doctor about it so please comment on my post I NEED HELP PLEASE