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My girlfriend and I had sex yesterday. So the first 4 times I used a condom and in the fifth I decided to go in without protection. When I felt like cuming...I pulled it out and I cum on the bed, but I am afraid I could of accidentally cum inside her before I took it out. Can anyone give me their opinion on this? I really don't want to be a dad yet...:/


My opinion is you are being totally selfish & irresponsible.

You have only just asked about whether she could be pregnant from 20-30 days ago, and now you are again having unprotected sex.

If you ejaculated inside her there is certainly a risk she could get pregnant. Why did you decide to go without a condom on the fifth occasion yesterday? Even if you did not ejaculate inside her, she could get pregnant from your pre-ejaculatory fluid.

However you don't indicate the significant dates relative to her cycle.

What does your girlfriend think of this? Is it the same girlfriend as a mentioned in your previous question?

If you don't want to be a dad, behave responsibly so you don't!