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i dont knw if my problem can be called allergy or not. I'm a 20 year old girl. Am I allergic to elastic? I can see black trace marks over my shoulder (Afraid if itz due to the elastic of bra) and there are rashes too over the area. Same thing between my thighs and waist line where the elastic of panties lie. is der a remedy for that>


If you need to continue with synthetic fibers (polyester..etc) Try using a bit of Beaudreau Diaper Rash Cream (red tube) on the skin before dressing. You can find it in the baby section at drugstore.  The zinc will keep the area dry and protected. The castor oil will help eliminate the rash and the aloe is a natural antifungal and anti bacterial. Stuff works great. Also please consider wearing cotton fibers to allow your skin to breath. Good luck to you.