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I am 39 and about 128lbs (have been 128 since age 18, no more than 133 no less than 128). I could empty a refrigerator out and not gain weight however can get full. My problem is Im a dishwasher for a restaurant and it is alot of physical work. Being a 1 person shift I must do alot of physical labor that I have to force muscular system to do but being no weight gain or muscular gain my body demands sugar to burn other wise I am in stomach pain.

Now I know replies will say I should be asking for help on the job or it should be available. But Im not gonna argue, it's 90% not there. Im not changing the type of work, not gonna argue that either.

Do I get a break, even if laws are broken by them or myself, I put the job ahead of myself(I dont have time to eat). No matter, my view is either I dont wanna eat but my body demands it. Am I starving myself no.

I have had several medical tests done about my stomach ( all were negative), I feel a demand for sugar and salt type things rather than a full meal. Actually I throw food up rather than sugar. Alot of times food will jam between the bottem of my throat and entering my stomach and I feel like Im suffacating.

Also, my stomach demanding substance will also cause breathing problems. It's like it attacks my lungs (organs) if it cant get anything to digest.


hmmm m not able to get the exact picture but i think you should get your harmone levels checked once...